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“Make it clear and simple,” that’s what clients are usually saying, when designer and developer ask them how should their website/campaign/whatever look like. That’s why everyone is crazy nowadays about one page websites, flat design and minimalist approach. Memento combines all the requirements for trendy and smart website of 2014. Guys from have the same opinion, so they listed Memento among 25 Most Beautiful and Responsive WordPress Themes of 2014. So what can Memento offer?
Memento is a one page solution for your website. Navigation is simple. You can browse categories by scrolling or clicking on each of them. One page websites are not trendy just because they look nice, they are user friendly and easy to follow. This type of website should be considered by event organizers, who want to communicate to their audience all the important info, e.g. date and place of conference/event, program, pricing, speakers, organizing team etc. But also smaller businesses, who want to keep their professional look online.

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Frontend Builder


We’ve also included Frontend Builder which is one of our most popular plugins. It allows editing your pages without any need to use the backend interface. It simply enables you to move all the elements, drag and drop and resize or remove them completely. Not only is it the easiest way of editing your webpages, but it is also the fastest. You see the changes you’ve made immediately, and there is no need for special coding or remembering boring HTML shortcodes.
You only need to drag and drop all the elements you might need on your page, everything from videos to JavaScript, and it also gives you the option to add other more complex widgets, like social sharing buttons. It automatically adjusts the content to its environment, but you always have the option to edit everything you want in depth. Frontend Build is very small and lightweight, and it will in no way hinder the performance of your website.

Features and Plugins

Woo Commerce

Memento is also a solution for people eager to start an online business. Extension WooCommerce allows you to start e-shop with ease. Each product will be followed by its description and reviews from customers. You may add up to thousand products and it won’t affect responsiveness and loading time of the website.

Multi Layout Blog

Memento also supports your self expression. You can customize everything and create unique website of yours. One of the most popular plugins made by Shindiri Studio is Frontend Builder, which allows you to drop and drag elements wherever you prefer, including social media share buttons, widgets, images, videos etc. You do not need to be expert in HTML to have a professional website.

Content Timeline

Very interesting plugin integrated into Memento is Content Timeline, which let you sort out content in a timeline. It’s useful especially if you want to help your visitor to get oriented in all the articles. It’s fully responsive and compatible with all browsers.


Having responsive website is almost necessity nowadays. Not to have it now, in the mobile times, can cost you customers and money. Responsive design means that your website layout will be adjusted to any screen of any type of device. From smartphones to widescreen TVs. All Wordpress themes by Shindiri Studio are fully responsive, so is Memento.


Design is probably the strongest advantage of Memento. It’s following all the newest trends in web design. It’s flat, simple, responsive with smartly designed elements. Whole design is retina ready.

Perfect One Page Theme

Trends in web design are changing, technology is evolving. So while considering what kind of website you want for your business, think about the future and choose something what is ready for upcoming years. Memento is definitely type of website which will be attractive longer period of time.

Whether you are owner of small business, organizer of an event or you just want to use this website for your self promo, you will be satisfied with many features Memento is offering you. On the other hand visitors of your website will definitely appreciate simple and clear navigation, friendly design and professional approach.
In the end, this fully equipped template, ready for immediate use, can be yours for a small fee. We believe that this theme has a lot to offer, both as a way to present your business portfolio, and as a way to present your staff. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our support.

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