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It is extremely surprising when you find out how many business companies do not have a website. Advertising online is everything, and every social media must be included. From Facebook to Google+, you must have all the profiles connected to gather a unified front for presenting your services and products. It should be clear by now how important is to have a working website presentation, as your online presence is everything, and other social sites can only draw attention to your official presentation. For any business, small or big, it is important to have a properly developed and regularly updated site. Without it, you are limiting yourself tremendously, and you are not likely to succeed without the most powerful tool available to you.

It is really simple to explain why. In this day and age, people are not going to wander the streets and ask other people whether they have seen your shop, or where your office headquarters are. Instead, they are going to do a simple Google search, and it will not direct them to you and your online presentation. People do not only want to find your location, but they want to check experiences and opinions of others about your company, or check your prices and compare them with other companies. There is even a great possibility that you might get discovered, just because you have a great web page.

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A website can also be a great place where you can not only present your services and prices, but also your previous work and experience in a way that you want to. All other social networks offer limited possibility for advertising, and without a fully developed web page, it is only with limited success. Even if you are a small business, with a nice looking web page, you can look like a big, business company.
We at Shindiri Studios are a group of web and graphic designers, experts in web advertising. We follow all the major internet marketing and social media strategies. We are always working on creating full web presentations, but our job does not stop there. We also offer guidelines which we have developed based on our experience, which you should follow in order to maintain the unity of all your design solutions, and so that your ideas are expressed in the best possible way with your premade templates. We have created all our templates with all the necessary elements, as we want to offer you all the possible solutions for a perfectly designed, fast, easy-to-use website.
We want to present to you our most elegant website template. It is a Bootstrap 3 HTML template that is extremely lightweight and designed as a blog or portfolio solution. We have included over 70 HTML pages that are designed to cover almost any possible aspect of your website, and we have incorporated several of our best plugins to enhance the viewing pleasure. 70 pages are designed in such a way as to create both business and creative solutions, and you can additionally customize them according to your own needs. The overall concept of this template is to be clean, tidy, with flat elements, yet fully interactive, with many aesthetically pleasing elements included to allow easy navigation.


Customization is the key. Everything we have to offer to you is actually already premade, and you only need to spend a minimal amount of time to set it up, and input all your necessary info, and portfolio items. On the other hand, if you do not like our default settings, you can easily change them. Everything from the simplest header color, to the transition effects can be further adjusted, removed or enhanced. We have included many different visually pleasing effects on our pages because we wanted to create a whole experience, and we wanted to make fluid navigation that feels natural.

We also tried to minimize the number of tabs that are being opened, and that is why every picture you include in this template is opened inside a default viewer. The viewer automatically dims the rest of the screen, and shows the full size of the picture, adjusting it to the screen size at the same time.


When we developed this theme, we wanted it to be accessible from all possible devices and platforms. We have tested it personally on multiple devices, and we coded it so that it is fully touch optimized. Browsers on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone will be able to work with this theme, and all the content presented there is fully adjusted to show correctly on all mobile platforms, both tablets and mobile phones.

Plugins and Features

We have included a couple of our most popular plugins, which are designed to make small adjustments and upgrades to the website. Slider Revolution is designed to reinvent scrolling, both horizontal and vertical, where you do not move your screen view, but move the content. There are buttons present that you can click, and they will automatically move the content to the left or to the right.
uSquare is a grid-like interface, with expandable tiles. One tile is made out of two squares, and they form a connecting unit. One square is reserved for a picture, while the other is used for a short description of the picture, where you can put a headline that will attract attention. The grid can be rearranged in any way you want it to be, and the sizes of individual tiles can be adjusted accordingly. When you click on a tile, it will automatically open a larger box, where a longer description is available. All this is done with a smooth transition effect, which you can remove altogether. Clicking outside the description box will close it and return to its normal view.

Extremely flexible and versatile

Every page included in the template is offered in two variations: boxed and wide. Wide is used for pictures that cover the whole width of the screen, removing any borders, creating a more minimalistic approach, while a boxed is used when you want to create two or more columns of content. In this package, we’ve included icons that are specially designed for this theme, and are unique solutions. We have tried to include everything, from icons for help, contact info and links to all the major social networks, such as Facebook and Google+. Implementing and connecting them to your corresponding social profiles is really easy. Adding social sharing buttons is important, as it allows your visitors and customers to share your products or services, and comment on them. It is a free advertisement, and you should not ignore this.
We have prepared a live preview page for you, so you can check out everything we have mentioned. Multiple layouts with different navigations, everything is set there with random text, only to give you a taste of what this theme can become. There are horizontal scroll sub-menu, and every element can be implemented wherever you want.
We have also included a fully developed shop in this plugin, where you only need to add your products and attack prices, short and longer descriptions. The shopping cart is coded to appear on all the shopping pages, and is updated in real time. If you pass with your mouse over it, it will display all items that you want to buy. From there, you can change, increase or reduce the quantity. It will also show you the option to go to the checkout, and finish your purchase there.
These are all the main features of this template here. We have created it having a business-like shopping page in mind, with a lot of creative elements. Image viewer is implement, allowing your visitors to check out items without unnecessary tabs being opened. Our three popular plugins are added for free, and we are willing to offer any additional support if you might need it. Our support team is ready to help you in any way possible, and help you with the customization of this theme according to your needs and those of your business. For a small fee, this template will allow you unlimited access over its content, and we invite you to check out our live preview.

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