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We want to present to you one of our most popular templates, Showcase, which is designed for displaying your portfolio according to your needs. Showcase is a modern template that is specially designed to showcase your portfolio and your previous work. We put a lot of work into making one of our most efficient and most beautiful themes, which will enable you and your business to adequately present your work, your product and your services.

The visual aspect of this template makes it perfect for photographers, artists or designers. We will name some of the features of this template and explain them in detail.

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10 Different Layouts


There are ten different layouts, which are actually 5 different designs with either regular or modern navigation. Three home page designs are created from interactive grids that display images which you are able to select.
The grid is interactive and it will adjust to your screen size, creating smaller or larger squares. If the size of the screen reduces even further, it will reduce the number of squares in a single row, and transfer some of them to the next one. A transition effect can be applied to those images in order to give a gray-scale layer, or you can leave them in color. If you select the grid scheme, you can also select an empty background, any other image you want, or you can choose our own masonry background, which we specially designed for this. In addition to all these possibilities, you can even import a video to be your background.
The video is maximized and all the controls are hidden, creating an immersive experience. Audio can be disabled if you want it not to distract or cause unwanted attention. We also created an additional design with our Revolution Slider which combines as much images as you want and gives the option of changing them by clicking on buttons under the menu.


Once you open the “Work” category, or whatever you might call it, it will open a similar grid that is also interactive, showing multiple images in squares that you alone can decide which size you want them to be, as the grid is made out of differently sized images that adjust to your screen size.

If you reduce the browser size, the images will adjust to the new resolution, with a nice effect that will show their shifting from one place to another. Not only that, but if you select a different subcategory under “Work”, it will phase out all unneeded grid squares, and new ones will slide into their place. This transition effect is specially designed to allow the most aesthetically pleasing experience there is. It also allows you to host all your works and pictures under one category called “Work”, but if your select another category, everything that does not belong there, will be removed.

Modern and Regular Menu

The difference between the modern and the regular menu is shown even at the landing page, where the regular menu is shown at the top of the page, displaying all the possible options like “Home”, “Work”, “Items”, “Blog”, “About us” and “Contact”. The modern menu type displays all the same menus, just in a more attractive way. Everything is placed in one square with the menu sign, and once you pass over it, it flips open to create a menu. Of course, it goes without saying, you can add or remove any of the categories as you see fit. You can also add submenus to any of those categories.

The Grid

Of course, in each grid, you can incorporate any element that you want, not only images. You can add flash based content, videos, and even simple music files which can be played right on the spot, in the provided multi-media player. This is a great way for displaying logos you have designed and other web solutions which you have created. It also suits well for all your graphic design solutions and illustrations. Every element present there will move and adjust to fill as much of your screen as possible, and they all interactively show a headline or their title. As you hover those images with your mouse, like at the home page, the image will move a bit and reveal additional descriptions.

Dedicated Item Page

And when you click on any of the shown images, it will take you to a dedicated item page, where it will be presented in the most detailed way. There are five designs that you could use for item display - the standard preview in which a picture is shown either at the center, or on the left side, depending on the screen size. The wide preview is similar to the standard, but the image required here must be wide enough and should not form a square. It is always shown at the top and is separated from the edges of the screen. In the “full width” template, the image is attached to the sides of the browser and will scale accordingly. And finally, in the “simple design”, the image will not scale, and will be opened at its full size. In every design, at the bottom of the page, where the description ends, there are three buttons.
Two are navigational buttons that will lead you to the next or the previous item in a row, and a menu button that will return you to the original portfolio page. The final “item page” design includes a wide picture, with a headline underneath, but once you start scrolling, the image will shrink its height, and the headline will merge with the picture and it will stay locked at the top of your page. This is done in order not to forget what item page you are currently on. Besides that, you can add any other element on that page which you find necessary.


In this template,we have also included a blog designed page, where you can create and run your own blog. Not only will a good blog create additional traffic to your website but it will also increase the SEO rating of your whole website. It will also create a better relation with your customers, as they will be able to share their experiences and opinions with you, giving you the opportunity to make some changes. There are some great tips for blogging which should help you improve your overall content, and here are some common blogging mistakes, which you should definitely stay clear of.

Other important element in the “Blog” area is the addition of sharing options that include all the popular social media. Give others the opportunity to share your thoughts and that will draw people to see your portfolio. Blog has an inbuilt loading plugin that will open more content as you reach the bottom of the page.

About Us

Here you can present your team in an interesting way, using one of our most popular plugins, uSquare (which we even designed for WordPress). The grid can be set according to your wishes and to suit the style of your website. A mouse click on the picture opens a description with attractive transition effects, and clicking outside it will close the expanded view. In the expanded box, you can put longer descriptions, and it will automatically create a scroll bar if there is a need for it.

The grid can have as many smaller squares as you want. Charts can be added, and they are adjusted in order to share the theme of the template. There, you can track your company’s progress or goals and share them with your visitors.

Highly customizable and intuitive

Everything we have presented here had one thing in mind – customization. We create templates for you, but we want them to be unique and specially designed for your site. Everything can be changed, from background images, all the available Google Fonts and transition effects. Endless color palette can be used, and you alone decide whether you want a more minimalistic look, or you want something that is more flashy and eye-catching.
We have prepared a live preview page for you, so you can check out everything we have mentioned. Multiple layouts with different navigations, everything is set there with random text, only to give you a taste of what this theme can become. There are horizontal scroll sub-menu, and every element can be implemented wherever you want.
We created 4 different templates for “item pages” where you can display your work as you want to. The Blog is also included so you can post regularly and engage with your users. Everything is Ajax loaded and content will adjust to your screen size. It works perfectly on all screens and mobile platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
You can contact us if you have any questions, and if you decide to buy this template, we will provide all the necessary support that you might need in adjusting it to your own needs. For a small fee, you will get this advanced template and lifetime support from our team dedicated to making your life better.

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