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Having a business without a website is unimaginable by today’s standards. Every company, it doesn’t matter whether big or small, invests heavily into its online presence, and an official website is the crown of your online business. We are presenting you one of our templates, created specifically for small to medium businesses.
Chronos is a template designed to fit in one page, coded to work with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It is an excellent template for portfolio oriented websites, ready to show your work in the most interesting way. Visually appealing, it enables you to import as many images as you would like, creating a unified experience from top to bottom. It is based on the Bootstrap 3.0 framework, which is extremely versatile and compatible with all the latest versions of all major browsers. It is designed to work on all platforms, and will even operate on an outdated browser such as Internet Explorer 8.

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Responsive Theme


It has a responsive design implemented, which means that the layout of the web page will automatically be adjusted according to the type of the screen, whether it is a mobile phone or a widescreen TV. Chronos is designed to create dynamic content in the easiest way possible, which will create the most pleasant user experience.
It comes with a minimalistic, modern design as we removed all the unnecessary buttons and elements. The design of this template includes 14 color schemes, which can be adjusted however you see fit.
There are many static elements which are combined with interactive parts to present an attractive website, where many elements can be incorporated into one, bigger webpage. The main menu has a parallax designed home banner – and it is a really nice touch. As the page moves downwards, the position of the header image shifts accordingly, giving the impression of a 3D environment. The parallax image is connected to a slider, which is presented on top, allowing the user to change the image and show additional information. This is all created to present all your different photographs in an easy and attractive way. The main menu is located under the banner picture, and it will stick to the top of your display, regardless of your position on the webpage, and this will allow you easy navigation wherever you are.

Features and Plugins

There are roughly 12 page layouts that can be used as a standalone page, or as multiple pages. A blog template is also included, which is a nice way to additionally advertise your website and increase its SEO value. There are multiple layouts available for your blog design, including everything from sideway headers, testimonials, posts with links, included images and videos and image sliders. Tags are enabled and can be used to quickly categorize each post.

Portfolio Square

The Portfolio Square is the interactive grid where you can add your own images, and which can be used for showcasing your previous art. There are no visible borders, and you can use this to combine images in a way that creates a seamless transition. If you hover with your mouse over a particular image, it will slide up and reveal a short description under it. The number of transition effects can be set, and one of them is to zoom in the picture or focus on the particular part of it. Once the pictures is clicked, an image viewer is opened and the image is shown in its full size, adjusting to the size of the screen.

Portfolio Hex

Another way of featuring your pictures is the Portfolio Hex, especially if you want to show your logos. It uses very little screen room, and it is made out of an hexagonal shaped setup in honeycomb design. You can add as many as you want, creating the shape you wanted. The size is also customizable, but we recommend up to 6 shapes in a row. If you hover over them, a transition effect appears, fading out the image, showing the plus signal, showing you to click there, if you want additional background. Once you click, the whole image is opened, and a description is shown next to it. Social sharing buttons can also be added, allowing your visitors to share images freely, adding their own personal opinions about it.

All Around

All Around Carousel-Slider is our special plugin that we are giving away for free in this template. It is a multi-purpose slider. It works with both videos and images. It can be an easy and effective solution for your shop related website as you can use it to show products and services in an appealing way. Carousel is perfect for almost all types of websites, and can fit perfectly into all types of business. It can be used for showing portfolio, products, services, properties, offers, recipes. There are 6 prepared layouts with many additional options and features. It also has an autoplay option and can be arranged in horizontal or vertical alignment. Circles can be dragged and the side buttons can be used to move the slider. Infinite loop can be turned off or on and additional effects can be shown or hidden. The speed can be adjusted, as well as movement, easing in and out of the images.


Another, special feature called History is present in this template. There you can add all your milestones which made you and your company, you can add dates when some services were introduced, and customers can scroll through a brief history and experience a part of your business. Nice countdown clocks are added, with a couple of different designs. They show the passage of seconds, minutes, hours and days in circular motion, creating a countdown until a specific event.

Additional Features


Additional templates are created for testimonials, where you can share quotes from your other customers and their previous experiences, trying to show how trustworthy your business is. Under testimonials, we usually add a contact panel, where not only you can add your email, contact phone and working hours, but also your Google Map location. It is an interactive plugin that adds Google Maps to your site, with a specific starting point which you can set to your location. The Contact us form is also added, which can be easily set up and connected to your email address, sending all questions directly to you. It is a nice way for customers to contact you, without any need to open additional tabs and their email accounts in order to send you a message. You can respond to their email address, which is required from them to enter.
Near the bottom of the page, there is customer policy area, where you can add a disclaimer, or any other info you want to share with your potential clients. In our live preview page at the bottom of the page, we added other social network accounts that show your other posts and images.

Designed for efficiency and ease of use

We believe that this price is more than fair, as we offer you an extremely potent, beautiful and elegant theme that can be customized to suit your needs. The theme is tested on all major platforms and all popular devices. Not only that, but we’ve included four of our premium plugins in this packaged as well. You will manage a page much easier with Frontend Builder, and Revolution Slider Content Timeline and All Around slider provides you with a visually pleasing way of arranging a large amount of content, products or services.
We have also included the ordinary drop-down menu, and our Mega Menu which is much more descriptive and interactive to use. Everything here is done in a manner that is extremely customer friendly, and easy for you to set up. We want your presentation to shine and your website to be catchy, so that your visitors keep coming back.

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