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The Only Way to Create Your Fashion Blog Without Hiring a Programmer or Learning How to Code

Easy To Install

StyleFlame is a ready to use wordpress template and it has a unique "demo content installation" button. One click and you receive the exact same replica of the demo website.

Beginner Friendly

With intuitive options and detailed documentation you can easily setup the entire website just the way you like it. Anything from fonts and colors to post and archive layouts.

Stylish & Functional Design

We have designed this wordpress blog template with care while we always kept one eye on the most popular fashion blogs in the world. StyleFlame is a product that has everything that you need for your next blog.

Polyvore Posts

StyleFlame has a cool feature that allows you to create an ENTIRE blog website out of your Polyvore sets with full Polyvore functionality and links to produts and full images.

BlogLovin Integration

You can easily integrate a BlogLovin widget into your website sidebar and allow users to directly signup to your BlogLovin mailing list. A cool way to integrate your existing content with your new website.

Complete Support

Our customer support will help you if you encounter problems. We take care of our customers and we want them to have a fun and interactive experience while they use our template.

Looks Perfect On Every Device

Your website is going to look perfect on each and every device with any screen resolution. Our responsive design of blog elements was created for each device resolution separately. We have tested it back and forth until we were satisfied with end results.

Statistics on mobile usage - 2015

You can see the importance of a well designed responsive website in this 2015 research
Desktop / Laptop
Mobile Users
*7% belong to other connected devices

Shop with StyleFlame

StyleFlame comes with a fully functional and clean online shop solution

If you want to display your items for sale, we got you covered. Along with the standard fashion blog functionality, StyleFlame offers you the option to integrate complete shop functionality onto your website. The shop layout is clean and creative with all options you will ever need for a functional shop section

Anything from regular blog posts and archives to functional shop pages and Polyvore sets, StyleFlame has it all

Organize your categories in a cool mega menu with latest posts displayed

Just 49$

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