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SEO - Web site optimization is one of the characteristic combinations of the keywords used by Google or any other search engine users to find a suitable content that will display the process of the web site optimization. Also, it is one of the key searches that will have any decent web design studio or SEO studio fight for to be as close to the top as it could be.


  • Research of the keyword combinations that are vital for your business and bring certain amount of monthly queries in the case of taking over leading positions.
  • Detailed analysis using specialized semantic software for determining Latent Semantex Index keywords that are significant for your line of work and are, according to search engines, connected to the main keywords that determine the content of the web site.
  • Content overview and link profile of the web sites that are amongst top 10 on the main search engines for the keywords that are primary.
  • Analysis of the positions regarding the competition for Google, Yahoo and Bing, for all keywords, with software evaluation of the strength of the competition, number of links and content needed to achieve desired positions.

Optimization on the Web Site

  • Optimization of the meta tags (title, description).
  • Arranging of the tags in your content (alt, title, link headlines)
  • Creation and management of the robots.txt file
  • Creation, registration, update and management of the sitemap.xml file
  • Fixing of the inner link structure
  • Double-content analysis
  • Design of the 404 page and 301 redirect in needed
  • Analysis of the Google Analytics on a monthly basis

SEO is the art and science of understanding search engine system and the way the results are published.

Optimization Off the Web Wage

Offpage SEO implies everything connected to the process of the web site optimization out of the boundaries of its own pages. Mainly it means building a colorful link profile for all pages of the web site of the client and not just for the home page and a couple of other pages, which is, unfortunately the practice of the other web design and SEO companies.

Also, every client will receive a suitable web 2.0 support through the constant social media buzz based on the creation and active administration of the Facebook, Twitter, Myspace accounts and YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motion channels, writing and administration of the promotional blogs from other web sites and related articles - article marketing, sign up for all important and vertically connected directories, active participation on the forums and blogs related to the line of your business as well as complex monthly reports about the position changes for Google, Yahoo and Bing, based on the competition.

Expected Results

Taking over and later defense of the positions on search engines for the set of selected keywords that will be manifested as significantly larger number of targeted users that came to the web site using search engines with parallel growth of other key parameters such as time that user spends on the web site, lower bounce rate and number of viewed pages. Depending on the project itself, the strength of the competition and competitiveness of the keywords, the preliminary results can be seen after one month and first real display of optimization can be visible from two to six months and the full effect of the campaign will be visible after 12 months.

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