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Search Engine Optimization


SEO - Web site optimization is one of the characteristic combinations of the keywords used by Google or any other search engine users to find a suitable content that will display the process of the web site optimization. Also, it is one of the key searches that will have any decent web design studio or SEO studio fight for to be as close to the top as it could be.

SEO and Positioning

The optimization of the web sites differs a lot from other professions. For example, you may find a hairdresser with a bad hair or the shoemaker with ripped shoes interesting but in the area of SEO that kind of a reference is simply unacceptable. You just have to be well positioned for the keywords that describe your profession and the business that you are involved in.

Main guarantee of the quality of our work derives on a fact that if we managed to position ourselves near the top searches in Google search engine based on the process of web site optimization amongst other competitive web design and optimization companies then we can do the same for your web site in the area of your expertise, where the competition is usually not that well prepared and organized for the process of optimization and SEO.

Content Optimization

SEO - Web site optimization represents a way of manipulating and fixing the page content during the development of the web site or its reconstruction, managing of the internal and external link structure to make them as readable as possible to the bots that crawl on the search engines. Bots of the search engine are used to monitor millions of web pages in a very short time interval, and to classify them in certain categories sorted by their importance. It is said that a web page is "indexed" by the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing...) when it is viewed and when it is given a certain position in search engine results.

The art and science of understanding search engine system and the way the results are published by certain queries, transformed into appropriate marketing solutions are the very essence of understanding the process of search engine optimization.

SEO is the art and science of understanding search engine system and the way the results are published.

The Way It Ticks

Considering the newest changes in Google algorithm that were introduced in the year 2011 along with the Panda update, SEO link building service has a lot of new tweaks that make our optimization stronger and more resistant to all future algorithm changes. Based on a colorful link building profile, your web site could be more stable for a longer period of time based on the search engine results fot certain keywords and phrases that are vital to your business. Activities and actions related to web site optimization can be divided into two basic groups: “onpage” and “offpage” optimization. Onpage SEO implies a very detailed software and economic analysis of the keywords from the area of your business as well as suggestions related to the optional source of the content for your existing or future web sites. Along with the basic SEO consulting and SEO copywriting you will get:
  • Comparison of the keywords based on the competition with detailed reports
  • Optimization of the meta tags (title, description)
  • Arranging of the tags in your content (alt, title, link headlines)
  • Optimization of the titles and subtitles (H1 - H6)
  • Creation and management of the robots.txt file
  • Creation, registration, update and management of the sitemap.xml file
  • Fixing of the inner link structure
  • Double-content analysis
  • Design of the 404 page and 301 redirect in needed
  • Analysis of the Google Analytics on a monthly basis

Urban-Graphic, Envato user

"Amazing theme! Once you set it up there is no limit to what you can do with it. Deserves 5 stars. Kudos!"

Urban-Graphic, Envato user

"Amazing theme! Once you set it up there is no limit to what you can do with it. Deserves 5 stars. Kudos!"

Urban-Graphic, Envato user

"Amazing theme! Once you set it up there is no limit to what you can do with it. Deserves 5 stars. Kudos!"

Offpage Optimization

Offpage SEO implies everything connected to the process of the web site optimization out of the boundaries of its own pages. Mainly it means building a colorful link profile for all pages of the web site of the client and not just for the home page and a couple of other pages, which is, unfortunately the practice of the other web design and SEO companies. Also, every client will receive a suitable web 2.0 support through the constant social media buzz based on the creation and active administration of the Facebook, Twitter, Myspace accounts and YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motion channels, writing and administration of the promotional blogs from other web sites and related articles - article marketing, sign up for all important and vertically connected directories, active participation on the forums and blogs related to the line of your business as well as complex monthly reports about the position changes for Google, Yahoo and Bing, based on the competition.

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