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Graphic design and its wide usage in modern business is one of the basic services of Shindiri Studio. If we see graphic design as a form of visual communication between two sides where the first side wants to sell something or place it on the market and the other side that wants to buy or consume it in any way then it is clear that the first side has a main priority of how to present its product or a service to its targeted group.
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Visual Identity

In order for a company to be successful in presenting the product or a service it needs to use the advantages of a good graphic and industrial design. Graphic design possibly has the most difficult task. It needs to make a positive and strong first impression that can be the decisive moment during the decision making process of the customer about buying or consuming a product.

Graphic designer is a person that represents a link between a client and his targeted group. Basic task of a graphic designer is a proper choice and arrangement of different elements of graphic design in an organized and efficient entity. Because of this, the cooperation is the key factor in the graphic design sphere. Shindiri Studio, along with its standard graphic designers, gathers a team of contributors from other areas: photographs, writers, marketing experts and young prosperous designers and illustrators.

Total Design

Graphic design has in the couple of last decades included graphic productions suitable for electronic media which increased the number of experts that need to be included in the creation of high quality and modern graphical solution.

Considering that graphic design today is a very powerful tool for fighting on the targeted market, having in mind the increasing number of electronic media and the development of the internet, we can say that the definition of the graphic design has changed significantly and that it went from art to industrialized art because of the coherence of artistic and commercial. The synergy of two very different concepts is a successful combination that in the end leads to the final goal and that is profit on the targeted market. Shindiri Studio and its graphic design section cover both the design of the entire marketing material and the implementation itself.

Total design: concept that gathers all form of design activities in order to form a complete visual identity of a client.


Graphic UX/UI Design - Clients Portfolio

Shindiri Studio, since 2001 has been building up reputation as a company that does web design as well as digital and printing solutions. Our basic services consist of: web site design using “web 2.0” standard, UX/UI design, video editing, redesign of existing templates, graphic design, SEO, SEM, vector graphics, pre-press, press, logo design, branding, industrial design as well as all of the other forms of classical internet advertising through the usage of concrete tactical solutions based on short-term and long-term marketing strategy of the clients. Along with the everyday-better positions on the search engines for all web design-related terms, Shindiri Web Design Studio is especially proud on the clients that have, over the years shown us great trust.

We approach each and every client with respect, lots of understanding and patience and we do it in a professional way regardless of the size of the company or the type of services that they are interested in. We try to listen to our clients as much as possible in order to understand their ideas and implement them in a unique visual concept that will best represent our clients and our clients companies on the market. Our advertising design studio, and us as graphic and web designers, we all thrive to be the best, but in the end it all comes down to the client list and Google position. You are as good as your client list is. The result of this professional approach are some of the major companies that have shown us their trust: Adidas, Red bull, Toyota, Mercedes, Oriflame, LukOil, UNITED NATIONS, HPD, Councile of Europe, Ergomade, Fertico, Fitofert and many more...

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