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Branding of Fitofert Company

Before the branding of “Fitofert” company started we needed to set preliminary tasks such as: sorting out of priorities, determining the budget of the company, finding interest on both sides and creating a healthy communication with the client. The last one proved to be the key factor for the success of the branding. Constructive communication and professional relationship are one of the most valuable prerequisites for the project to succeed in its fullest.
We went through all the details and tasks of the project and we determined the dynamic and priorities and we defined them by signing the contract. After we determined that our future cooperation can proceed with mutual satisfaction and benefit and after we signed the “Technical and business cooperation” contract we started with the development of the project.
Fitofert DOO
Avgust 2014
18 month contract
1. Development and trademark design - Logo design
2. Development and logo design - Adopting of the best logo solution
3. Introduction of graphic standards - Design and print of the book of graphic standards
4. Industrial design – Bottle and label design
5. Industrial design – Package and label design
6. Graphic design – Barcode, pictogram and icon design
7. Industrial design – Box design
8. Website design – Website layout
In the preliminary phase of the development of “Fitofert” brand the most important thing to do was to analyze the competition. The analysis that we did gave positive results. The thing that was encouraging was the small amount of companies specialized in gardening with “hobby outdoor-indoor” program that were actually paying any attention to visual aspect of their products.

That gave us a lot of room for creative expression and it enabled us to provide a strong visual branding campaign. Our goal was to move the boundaries of agricultural product design to a higher level.

Logo and graphic standards book represent a part of the total design process. With the ground rules set with these two factors we had the layout for rest of the branding process.

The task was to develop a wide range of graphic solutions for trademark design and development. With creative consultations with the client we chose the most suitable solution which we used to design the entire layout for “Fitofert” project. We established the color range for visual parameters: black, green and silver color. The design and colors have to associate with the client’s activity: gardening and agriculture. We established the family font which meant its firm use on all graphic applications.
1. Foundation of the visual identity: logo design, shape and color.
2. Textual and visual description of the preliminary logo design of “Fitofert”.
3. Introduction of logo colors through CMYK / PANTONE and RGB color scale for each color used in logo design. Based on those color parameters we established the ground rules for their further implementation.
- CMYK parameters are used for logo print if the classic offset (4 color) print is used.
- RGB parameters are used for logo implementation for the purposes of web design (website, banners…) or any other digital usage.
- Positive and negative parameters are used if there are black and white printable applications of the trademark such as: black and white add, fax machine, stamp…
5. Example of logo usage with its positioning on any graphical element, size ratio as well as the construction of the logo itself which has to be specified.
6. Selection of the family fonts and their positioning with the logo.
7. Unauthorized usage of the logo design, prohibited rotations, disproportional transformations, irregular usage of colors…
8. Business card design along with the explanation of the size standards, ratio of logo size and its positioning, font sizes, mutual ratios of these elements based on the surface of a business card…
9. Memorandum design along with the explanation of the memo size standards, ratio of the logo design and its positioning, font sizes, mutual ratios of these elements based on the surface of a memo…
10. Envelop design along with the explanation of standards of the envelopes (classic, American, with or without windows…), ratio of logo size and its positioning, font sizes, mutual ratios of these elements based on the surface of an envelope…
11. Folder design along with the explanation of the folder size, ratio of logo size and its positioning, font sizes, mutual ratios of these elements based on the surface of a folder…
12. Use of the trademark on packages, product boxes…
Adobe Package & Corel Draw
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
Preliminary design of “Fitofert” trademark represents a clear visual identification with the activity of the company. The shape and the construction of the trademark are represented with a clean cut design. The simplification of the factors in order to achieve more corporate look made the logo extremely adaptable and usable. As we in Shindiri Studio like to say: beauty is simplicity. That was a ground rule in the branding process that we followed in order to represent the activity of the company in the simplest way possible and after an extensive thinking and creative consultations with the client we adopted the trademark that is visually striking, easily recognizable and constructively stable.
During the branding process and visual identity design of “Fitofert” company, Shindiri Studio used a rectangular form, green colors and stylized graphical elements (green leaves above the letter ”O”) and modification of an original font in order to achieve perfect proportions, size and trademark usage. Communication font that we used was “Century Gothic” and it is usable on any graphic applications in the branding process. This font has easily recognizable characters and is overall known as a font that is used commercially by companies and corporations. With the design of a trademark, logo and the graphic standards book, “Fitofert” company had its visual identity completely covered. Based on the graphic standards book (that every client of ours gets in printed and digital form) the rest of the visual branding campaign could be realized with no problems or hold-ups.
250ml, 1l bottle design, 50g, 500g, 1kg bags, and also 10kg and 25kg sack designs for extracts and emulators was extremely creative and inspirational field where we had the opportunity to work with professional tool-makers and printing offices that could follow our visions in technical term during the entire branding process.

The supervision of the tool making process in all of its phases was pure pleasure as well as supervision of the development of printing materials (package, labels and other printing materials client needed). It all went professionally and smoothly with no bigger problems.

That was the result of good strategic planning and extremely professional organization of the entire project that was healthy from the beginning so the margin for errors was placed to a minimum. This ideal concept is a product of healthy professional cooperation between us and our client. We had a clear plan and a goal that we have held to during the entire branding process. When the things are set up correctly, time stages are carefully planned and deadlines are set things work perfectly.

We have managed to create new visual esthetics of the clients company, corporative design, a brand.

The branding process of “Fitofert” company also consisted of: label design, package and box design. Since the “Fitofert” company has a variety of products which will be packed differently we modified the design and adapted it to fit to all package variations perfectly. One of the more inspirational modifications was to find the suitable colors, materials and paper quality. We relied heavily on the modern printing technology.

The goal was for the brand to reach the targeted audience (customers who were already using different gardening products) in the right way. With carefully planned branding campaign and excellent marketing plan we reached our goal. Catalog design, brochures, flyers, business cards and other promo material for the advertising purposes represent a part of total design process and each and every one of these items was designed and developed with a lot of patience, effort and professionalism.
This new visual identity of “Fitofert” company has high and very strict standards which made the targeted audience easier to inform and win over thus making the “Fitofert” brand unique and more visible to the market. Every potential user of “Fitofert” product receives all of the necessary information regarding a product, service and other details on a unique and interesting way which is the very essence of branding process.
Every product on the market has a barcode and yet only few companies have dared to interact with it design-wise. Since we always pay attention to details we decided to play around with the barcode. We saw the opportunity of a blank space around the barcode and designed it look more interesting by implementing roots growing from the barcode to form a fully grown tree which is a clear reference to our clients business. We have also designed a user friendly manual in a form of pictograms on the back of the package. Drawing of these pictograms was more challenging task then we thought as we needed to display the usage of the product in three small boxes. The design and colors choices proved to be a success at the end of the branding process.
Total design in branding process consists of all the design needed for the product or a service to be branded from start to finish, and that includes the boxes for the packages. Although those boxes will be stored in warehouses or storages we took our time and designed them to fit with the entire “Fitofert” brand. Beside the necessary elements that needed to be placed on the box we modified and placed a logo with the website address and a barcode. With that designed we covered all aspects of visual printed branding process.
Near the end of the branding process we had enough designed material to start with the website design and entire process of web development. The website is developed in HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript. The idea was to make the website user friendly for the targeted audience (hobby outdoor-indoor gardening). The entire website layout has a goal to make the user feel welcomed and comfortable. The appealing shapes and vectors, neutral soft colors and latest web design standards were used to achieve that. The website itself is prepared for search engine optimization when the right time comes for such a task.
By using professional approach with lots of will, effort, understanding and mutual cooperation we participated in the creation of a new successful brand on the market, “Fitofert” brand.

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