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Branding of Ergomade Company

Developing of the web site for the client such as Ergomade proved to be a unique opportunity and challenge for the Shindiri Studio. Danish manufacturer of high quality office and school furniture required typical Scandinavian seriousness and professionalism, what applies in their business, and in the field of web design and web presentation of their company. As a company that operates very successfully in Scandinavia and plans to conquer the rich European market, Ergomade had a clear vision and strategy regarding the planned branding of their products and their presentation for demanding European customers.

This task is assigned to a young and enthusiastic Shindiri Studio design team, which was given the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with their competitors from Europe in the field of web design, marketing and branding.

Working for an extremely narrow and specialized manufacturer of quality, Shindiri team got a chance to thoroughly study the competition from the same region, meets with European and international standards relevant to their clients, thus formulating a successful marketing concept and finally, completing the entire project form in the high quality web site.
13. September 2010
18 month contract
1. Development and trademark design - Logo design
2. Development and logo design - Adopting of the best logo solution
3. Introduction of graphic standards - Design and print of the book of graphic standards
4. Industrial design – Package and label design
5. Graphic design - Catalog design
6. Graphic design – Barcode, pictogram and icon design
7. Industrial design – Box design
8. Website design – Website layout
In the preliminary phase of the development of “Ergomade” brand the most important thing to do was to analyze the competition. That gave us a lot of room for creative expression and it enabled us to provide a strong visual branding campaign. Our goal was to move the boundaries of their product branding and presentation to meet the expectations of demanding European market.

Logo and graphic standards book represent a part of the total design process. With the ground rules set with these two factors we had the layout for rest of the branding process.

The task was to develop a wide range of graphic solutions for trademark design and development. With creative consultations with the client we chose the most suitable solution which we used to design the entire layout for “Ergomade” project. We established the color range for visual parameters: black, green and silver color. The design and colors have to associate with the client’s activity: manufacturing of high quality office and school furniture. We established the family font which meant its firm use on all graphic applications.
Web design for this company, which aims to capture a large market, and still is a family business that is in any way involved in the production process, our clinet has given designers an opportunity to bring together in one project and two approaches are two ideas:

On the one hand, the presentation of the company that manufactures specialist furniture required the implementation of a large amount of technical details in the web site, which needs to be present in the logical and functional manner represented to prospective buyers and agents in Europe and worldwide.
This process included professional photography products, creating a palette of materials and colors that are available to their customers, and create stylish and functional bilingual catalog, which can be downloaded from the Ergomade web site in digital form, rich in technical details and well printed, the client serves as the perfect promotion materials when presenting the company at numerous trade fairs and specialized in the business meetings.
On the other hand, web designers from the Shindiri Studio wanted to avoid the rigidity of classical "technical" design, which is approved from the Ergomade marketing team. Guided by the philosophy of the typical Scandinavian approach to design furniture, which means functionality and comfort, using the wood, which gives the space warmth and range of colors, our web site designers created a concept that, in addition to being informative and technical department, again offers the visitor a unique experience and allows him a better and more intimate interaction with the content.
Somehow, it is natural, when you create the web site, the choice fell on the flash as a perfect tool for implementing the ideas that lie behind our web designers. Interesting animation in flash, with each piece of furniture can be seen from different angles and in the right way to demonstrate Scandinavian pragmatism in everyday life and work, just in terms of folding pieces of office and school furniture, offer the visitor a sense of dynamism, playfulness and give him a chance that he could control the look of the site, providing interesting on-line experience.

Shindiri Studio unites two components of web design, functionality and aesthetics, and that the program represented by the company's highly competitive web market closer to the wide range of potential users

By applying these methods, and therefore the aesthetic concept, which involves a simple and reduced forms, with only a few effective, dominant color, clear content and a modern, minimalistic design, tended to be that one action, which many see as an obligation and take for granted , which is the purchase of furniture, becoming a great experience, that a potential buyer and user control in which I enjoy, and about which, above all, can be comprehensively and correctly informed, thanks to this kind of product quality web design.
By creating this site, Shindiri Studio unites two components of web design, functionality and aesthetics, and that the program represented by the company's highly competitive web market closer to the wide range of potential users - from individual consumers and small businesses, to major suppliers and potential partners. Ergomade-leaders are in every way been involved in the process of site by carefully studying each proposal and suggestion, while allowing great freedom of creative web designers, with the full support and openness to new ideas, so that the website of promising company product of the successful cooperation of our web designers and professional peoples from a Ergomade.
In addition we have, with perfect co-infection with Ergomade, create a web site in which we are extremely proud of, we have gained valuable experience in the field of business with foreign clients, meet extremely demanding markets of Europe and to set even higher standards in our own day to day operations.

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