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Web design Shindiri Studio company from Serbia, gathers a team of true enthusiasts and experts that follow the “total design” concept in web advertising and development. Our team that consists of profesional graphic and web designers is also the team that follows all of the internet marketing and social media guidelines.

As a software company from Serbia we have gathered a team that is capable of stepping up to all challenges on the field of design, web design, VR, development, outsourcing and programming.

Our Experience

Shindiri Studio, since 2001 has been building up reputation as a company that does web design as well as digital and printing solutions. Our basic services consist of: web site design using latest design standards, UX/UI, video editing, redesign of existing templates, graphic design, SEO, SEM, vector graphics, pre-press, press, logo design, branding, industrial design as well as all of the other forms of classical internet advertising through the usage of concrete tactical solutions based on short-term and long-term marketing strategy of the clients.

Our advertising agency, and us as web designers, we all thrive to be the best, but in the end it all comes down to the client list and Google position. You are as good as your client list is.

Our Clients

Along with the everyday-better positions on the search engines for all web design-related terms, Shindiri Web Design Studio is especially proud on the clients that have, over the years shown us great trust. We approach each and every client with respect, lots of understanding and patience and we do it in a professional way regardless of the size of the company or the type of services that they are interested in.

The result of this professional approach are some of the major companies that have shown us their trust: Adidas, Mercedes, Citroen, Oriflame, United Nations, HPD, Red Bull, Lukoil, Babolat, Councile Of Europe, Delta Generali, FitoFert, Fertico, Nisville, Ergomade and many more.

As creative business people we all strive to be the best but the bottom line is that you are only as good as your client list is.

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