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Doomed Runner

Link to game on Google Play:

The year is 3023.The evil that everyone thought is long gone has awakened. And it's stronger than ever. Using the advanced weapons and outnumbering the Earth's army, the evil military forces conquered the Earth and threw mankind on it's knees. But the group of fighters and scientists continued to fight. They formed The Resistance and started to working on a plan to destroy the enemy, and restore peace and freedom to the people of Earth. In one of the fights, their best soldier was killed. And engineers and scientists decided that now is the moment to test their new weapon.
They took what's left from the fallen soldier, and create the ultimate weapon. The cyborg with human mind. He is their only hope.Doomed Runner is alive! Doomed Runner is the endless running shooter game. The game itself is very difficult and it gets harder. It's a great way to kill boredom. Awesome, custom-made graphics and music are, in addition to the great gameplay, the best features of the game, and add additional distraction, making the game more difficult. If you are willing to kill the boredom, and have fun with an awesome endless runner, shooting-style game, go and download Doomed Runner now!
Shindiri Studio
Build Box, Unity, Eclipse

Link to game on Google Play:

Enjoy playing

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