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Backo The Dragon

Link to game on Google Play:

Long time ago, in the Kingdom of Blace, everyone was happy and lived in harmony.
Everyone, except the evil old sorcerer, Evior. One day, Evior casted a spell on the entire kingdom, making most of its inhabitants under his command. Brave men who were strong enough to resist his spells rose up against him and went to a battle to rescue the people of Blace.
But, no one was helping the poor little animals of the forest. No one, except Backo, the tiny dragon. Determined to save his friends, Backo is heading to a mission to destroy the Evior and his evil minions. Armed with courage, Backo is going to a journey of his life.
Backo The Dragon is an runner game, made in flappy style. Definatelly one of the best dragon games for kids. Both graphics and sounds are made from scratch and are unique to this game. Inside of the game, you’ll find three powerups:
1. „Protector of the realm“ powerup transforms Backo into mighty dragon, making him invincible for a short period of time.
2. „Magnet“ helps Backo to attract trapped nearby animals, and rescue them.
3. „Kill ’em all“ powerup kills all enemies nearby Backo.
Shindiri Studio
Build Box, Unity, Eclipse

Link to game on Google Play:

Enjoy playing

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