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The role of a website in marketing of any brand is very important. Whether is a company, a person or a product. Design, functionality and whole impression can bring you new visitors, new customers or just boost your popularity and image. Every person or business is original, so the website should be. Today we will take a look at DLight Wordpress Theme - One Page Wordpress Creative Theme.
Have you heard about flat design? Well, if you are oriented into design, you had to. DLight offers progressive flat layout with 6 home page versions and variety of options to customize your website. All designs have high resolution, are retina ready and fully responsive. What means your website will be shown in the best quality on any device, what gives your visitors more possibilities to reach your website and have the same experience.

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Frontend Builder


We’ve also included Frontend Builder which is one of our most popular plugins. It allows editing your pages without any need to use the backend interface. It simply enables you to move all the elements, drag and drop and resize or remove them completely. Not only is it the easiest way of editing your webpages, but it is also the fastest. You see the changes you’ve made immediately, and there is no need for special coding or remembering boring HTML shortcodes.
You only need to drag and drop all the elements you might need on your page, everything from videos to JavaScript, and it also gives you the option to add other more complex widgets, like social sharing buttons. It automatically adjusts the content to its environment, but you always have the option to edit everything you want in depth. Frontend Build is very small and lightweight, and it will in no way hinder the performance of your website.

Features and Plugins

Dark Video Version

Video Versions allows you to play a video in the background of home page. Instead of static image you can communicate to your audience more interactive way. Dark Version of homepage is (as you may guess from the name) dark. Choose this layout if you want to add seriousness to your website. Black color has some psychological effects, in this design is representing elegance, luxury and quality.

Light Video Version

Light Video Version works the same way as the previous one. Play your video on background and express yourself. This type of layouts with video may perfectly suits people who are doing some sports and want to promote themselves online. Or artists, small businesses. Simply anyone who can use space for video in creative way. Light Video Version combine white color with less black. White makes websites more clear.

Dark Slider Version

If video is not something you want to play on the background of your homepage, you can always try slider version with couple of images. Otherwise is the Dark Slider Version very similar to Dark Video Version. Layout is mostly black.

Light Slider Version

Do you prefer lighter colors? You can have homepage with slider even in this combination. It’s matter of your taste. This Slider Version is also very smart and nice.

Dark Image Version

Use power of the image in the centre of your website. Choose one with high resolution and you will be definitely satisfied with result.

One Page Website

DLight is a one page website with simple user friendly navigation. Whether you click on category name or you just scroll, you will reach the information you are looking for. This trend is getting more and more popular and it’s appreciated by many internet users. DLight is compatible with all browsers.
We have designed this template to be lightweight, and it will not in any way hinder the performance of your server. Have in mind not to put too many elements on your webpage as it can be too much for some outdated browsers and computers, which are limited on RAM and CPU power.

Powerful and Flexible

Everything can be customized in this theme, from the color of the headline to the image of the background. Transition effects can be enabled or disabled, depending on your preferences. Some of the elements can be removed if you want to create a more minimalistic experience for your visitors. The interface is usually divided into a grid, which you can adjust accordingly. Feel free to experiment and find the desired look.

SEO Friendly

All the social media buttons are easily incorporated into every page, and you can even add full widgets. Widgets allow you to connect to your other social media profiles (like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+, etc).. It is a nice way for others to view the experiences and reviews of everyone else, and this is the type of free advertising which may increase the SEO value of your website.

Great Variety

All the graphical solutions are unique, and were created for this template alone. We have 4 different sets of social icons, from minimalistic ones, to colored ones, with or without shadows. We’ve included all the icons possible, especially those for all the social networks, email, phone and other contact information. We want your website to be unique and sophisticated.

Easy To Customize

DLight has integrated one of the most popular plugins made by Shindiri Studio - Frontend Builder. This editor is working on simple drag and drop principle. You can add any elements on places where they fit the best. Let’s get social and add social media buttons, widgets or play with pictures, videos, banners. Sky is the limit for your creativity. HTML skills are not required, you do not need to be an expert to create representative and professional website.
WordPress is updated constantly, and we thoroughly check each and every aspect of our themes and plugins so that they continue to work properly without any unexpected problems. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

DLight theme is suitable for any type of business or self presentation. Create your unique website using DLight theme and variety of features for better customization.

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