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Shindiri Studio team on #WCEU 2017 Paris – Contribution Day

Shindiri Studio values the importance of contribution to our most favourite CMS platform WordPress. As ours, and many more company relay on a stable and up to date platform, we are willing to invest in our people and the community to grow. As Elite authors on Envato, we use WordPress on a daily basis, and we feel the need to give something back in return.   Our team is comprised of people who live and breathe WordPress, that for we are staying up to date will all local and global events that promote WordPress and encourage all people involved in the [...]

10th year anniversary at Shindiri Studio

The day has come...all items are ON SALE, we celebarate our aniversarry with you! THANK YOU!!!for sticking with us this whole time and we hope that we can create even greater items and more interesting stuff for you in the future! THEMES Discount on both WordPress and HTML themes ranging from 25% to 50%. Limited time offer. AND MANY MANY MORE... VIEW THEMES PLUGINS All our plugins had their price lowered by 30%. Hurry up and get your copy while it lasts. AND MANY MANY MORE... VIEW PLUGINS

First WordPress Meetup in Niš, Serbia #WPNis 2016

  01. June 2016, the IT community in Nis has shown that they love WordPress and that this CMS has a future in Nis and south Serbia. This is a call to all the people who are interested in contributing to grow this community even further, so it can develop in a standard monthly meetup.   The whole organization could not happen without the willpower of people who think alike, who are enthusiast as us, and who are willing to contribute in their spare time and engagement. We thank Tilda Coworking space , for helping out with the space, Ninet [...]

Content Timeline is a WordPress Plugin that Makes Scrolling Through Your Content Easy, Beautiful and Elegant. And it’s Used by 3,725+ People

It’s a fact.  People who visit your blog will most likely read your most recent post.  Some of them may go through a page or two on your blog to read more content. Very few will go through your older pages to read your older posts. You can prevent that.  You can revive your older content, and make it easy to find. That’s where Content Timeline WordPress plugin steps in.  Content Timeline enables you to display your content, all content or within a certain category, in a timeline mode.  This makes it lot easier for people to go through your [...]

Finally You Can Easily Add Social Media Streams on Your Blog. Here’s How…

You’re a social media junkie. You post, pin, share, tweet and retweet often. Your phone is always connected online and you’re annoying everyone around you with countless social media notifications. Am I right? Of course I am. And how do I know that? Well, that’s because I didn't just describe you in the first few paragraphs. I've described somewhere around 83% of today’s population. (The rest 17% are probably little babies that can’t write yet.) We share. We tweet. We take photos. We create short videos. We blog. And we do that a lot! In fact, every minute on the [...]

The #1 Reason Why 47% of Freelancers Don’t Have Clients, and #1 Thing You Can Do to Get Them

Did you know that, according to Freelancers Union survey, 47% of freelancers DON'T have enough clients (or have trouble finding them) to make significant and sustainable income? Watch the video below and see what's the #1 thing you can do to change that, and increase your chances to get more clients. Post by Shindiri Studio. For all of you lazy bugs there, here's the shorter version: The #1 reason why people don't hire most freelancers is because they don't trust them. Which makes sense. You're about to hire someone (and give him money) who you've never seen before. And with all [...]

How to Create Your “About Me” Page, Inspired by About.Me Service

If you check your analytics, you'll see that one of the most visited pages on your website is your "About" page. And the reason is very simple. People want to get to know you better. They want to know more about you, what you do, and how can you help them. Have in mind that people do business with people who they know, like and trust. And well created "About Me" page can help you to achieve that. One of the most popular ways (and cheapest ways) to create great "About Me" page is service. And since we saw a lot [...]

How to Run a Facebook Ad to the Most Targeted Audience Possible

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Ads is the ability to laser-target the people who'll see your ad. This drastically improves your chances to attract the right people to your blog/offer, and higher chances to get more loyal readers or make more sales. But Facebook also has another "secret" weapon that you can use. (Two of them, actually.) One is Custom Audience option. This allows you to upload the emails or phone numbers of people you have on your list, and Facebook will create a list of those who are registered with those emails or phone numbers, and let [...]

12 Things Marie Forleo Did Great On Her Blog

I've heard about Marie Forleo for the first time, after she interviewed Derek Halpern. It was some crazy video, where both of them danced "Gangnam Style." Since then, I enjoy watching Marie's videos, even though her primary focus is on women who are or want to be entrepreneurs. And I never payed much attention on how her blog looks. Until I joined Shindiri Studio. Sitting next to a group of great web designers and looking how they work and seeing how they think, made me look at websites with different eyes. And that's how I started to pay attention on [...]

How to Add Pins to the Images on Your Blog

Images on your blog tell a story. They support your story. Images have the ability to get people's attention. And to retain that attention. And what if you could get more of their attention? What if you could share more content through your images? What if you could make people spend more time on your blog? By adding pins to your images, you can do exactly that! Whether you have a product and you want to point out the important features, or you want to create a map of local restaurants, or maybe to create something fun, you can do [...]

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