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How to Run a Facebook Ad to the Most Targeted Audience Possible

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Ads is the ability to laser-target the people who’ll see your ad.

This drastically improves your chances to attract the right people to your blog/offer, and higher chances to get more loyal readers or make more sales.

But Facebook also has another “secret” weapon that you can use. (Two of them, actually.)

One is Custom Audience option. This allows you to upload the emails or phone numbers of people you have on your list, and Facebook will create a list of those who are registered with those emails or phone numbers, and let you advertise to them.

This is great if you have a mailing list that you want to advertise to, but don’t want to spam them with sending too much emails.

The second one is Lookalike Audience option. This allows you to create a list of people that are very similar to those on your custom audience list.

In order for Custom and Lookalike audiences to work for you, you need a list of highly targeted people.

And one of the most targeted group of people are…

…people who left comments on your blog!

Think about it.

There’s absolutely no better sign that someone is interested in you and what you do than leaving a comment.

Leaving a comment takes time. And it has a thinking process involved.

We don’t think and don’t make time for something that we don’t care about and not interested about.

Here, I’ll show you how to extract emails from people who left comments on your blog, and how to create a list of similar people on Facebook to advertise to.

Step 1: Grab Export Emails plugin and install it

From your WordPress admin dashboard go to Plugins >> Add New, and type Export Emails.


Click Install Now and click OK to the pop-up you see.


Just click Activate Plugin, and you’re done.


Step 2: Save emails from people who commented

Go to Tools >> Export Emails. There, you’ll see Emails from the comment database. Copy those emails and paste them into Notepad.


Step 3: Create Custom Audience from this list

Go to Facebook Power Editor. From drop down menu choose Audiences.


Now click Create Audience, and choose Custom Audience.


From pop-up, click Data File Custom Audience.


Enter the name for your audience, and from Data Type choose Emails.


Now just choose the Notepad file you created, and click Create Audience.


Now, you just need to wait for Facebook to upload those emails, and to see which of these emails is connected with Facebook account.

Step 4: Create Lookalike Audience from Custom Audience

From Create Audience, choose Lookalike Audience.


On pop-up, enter the source from which the lookalike audience will be created. In this case, the source will be the custom audience we just created. And you need to choose the country from which the Facebook will extract people. (NOTE: To choose a country, you need to have at least a 100 people from that country in your custom audience.)

As for optimization, leave it as it is.


Now just click Create Audience, and wait for Facebook to create lookalike audience for you. It can take up to 24 hours.

Step 5: Create Facebook Ad with your lookalike audience

Now, all you need to is to create your ad.

When you’re creating your ad, in Audience part, from Custom Audiences find your lookalike audience and that’s it.


All that left is to create an awesome, high-converting ad. (Which we’ll cover in some future posts.)

Do you have some questions? Or comments? Share them in comments below.

Also, if you found value in this, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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