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Shindiri Studio team on #WCEU 2017 Paris – Contribution Day

Shindiri Studio team on #WCEU 2017 Paris – Contribution Day

June 16, 2017 @ 2:16 pm
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Shindiri Studio values the importance of contribution to our most favourite CMS platform WordPress. As ours, and many more company relay on a stable and up to date platform, we are willing to invest in our people and the community to grow. As Elite authors on Envato, we use WordPress on a daily basis, and we feel the need to give something back in return.



Our team is comprised of people who live and breathe WordPress, that for we are staying up to date will all local and global events that promote WordPress and encourage all people involved in the IT industry to do the same.

WordCamp Europe is the biggest event in this manner that happens once a year, and we wouldn’t miss it :)

The conference is divided into 2 parts, Contribution Day and Main Event (divided into 2 days).


The Contribution Day is all about giving back, divided into teams, we contribute to all parts of the WordPress universum, and are happy to do so. We mostly contributed in community and training workshops, as our employees are involved into organizing Meetups and volunteer on WordCamps.

What is also important is networking and meeting a lot of people who we are in touch with online in real life. An interesting thing is that a lot of communities are gathering on the WCEU and enjoy the time we spent together.

In the picture bellow, we have WordPress Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia in one place! #WCEU

IMG_20170615_091608_resized_20170616_025052771 IMG_20170615_092852_resized_20170616_025052331IMG_20170615_121017_resized_20170616_025053383

We continue the journey on WordCamp Day 2. and Day 3.

Stay tuned!

#WCEU Paris

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