How to Create Your "About Me" Page, Inspired by About.Me

How to Create Your “About Me” Page, Inspired by About.Me Service

If you check your analytics, you'll see that one of the most visited pages on your website is your "About" page.

And the reason is very simple.

People want to get to know you better. They want to know more about you, what you do, and how can you help them.

Have in mind that people do business with people who they know, like and trust.

And well created "About Me" page can help you to achieve that.

One of the most popular ways (and cheapest ways) to create great "About Me" page is service.

And since we saw a lot of people asking on forums and blogs ask how to create something similar for their blogs, we decided to create a tutorial on how to do that.

Today, we'll show you how to create an "About Me" page, that is inspired by service.

To do this, you'll need:

  1. Self-hosted WordPress blog. If you don't have one, check out this tutorial on how to create a blog.
  2. Frontend Page Builder
  3. 15-30 minutes of your time, depending how fast you work.

So let's begin.

Step 1: Grab your copy of Frontend Page Builder

Frontend Page Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows us to create a page the way we want, by dragging and dropping elements on the page.

Pretty cool.

And pretty cheap, considering its capabilities. (It costs only $22.)

You can get it here.

Step 2: Install Frontend Page Builder plugin

From admin dashboard, go to Plugins >> Add New.

Click Upload Plugin.

Find the plugin file you downloaded and click Install Now.

Wait for plugin to install, and click Activate Plugin.

And that's it.

Now, let's create new page and start editing it.

Step 3: Create new page

Now we'll create a page that we'll edit.

Go to Pages >> Add New.

Enter the name of the page (usually, it's "About Me", but feel free to be creative) and hit Publish.

After that, choose Frontend Builder tab and click Edit Page.

Now, your page should look like this.

Now we can start creating a page.

Step 4: Add new row

First, click +Add new row, and choose the desired format. For the purpose of this tutorial, I'll use One third + Two thirds, but you can use whatever fits you the best.

On the right side, you'll see various options for the row.

You'll have to play with this setting to fit everything for your website. For this example, these settings are fine.

As for the background, choose Fade Parallax for a Type, and enter the URL of your image (or upload one).

Step 5: Create a space to write something about yourself

First, grab a headline block, and drag it to the left column. Enter the title (e.g. your name and edit fonts and colors to fit your blog).

Now, put Text/HTML block below the Headline. Here' you'll enter your main text about you.

Beside the main text about you, you can use various blocks on the left to add social media icons, images, videos, name it.

Without exaggeration, I can say that you can create almost anything you want with your site with Frontend Page Builder.

And let's say that you want to add call-to-action button after this post. Here's how to do it.

Step 6: Going further. Add new elements (call-to-action example)

Everything in Frontend Page Builder happens in rows. So, to add new elements below these, click +Add new row.

Again, you can choose whatever size fits you, and since I'm adding call-to-action button as an example, I'll use One fifth + Three fifths + One fifth.

Now, you just drag the block you want (in my case it's call-to-action button) to the column you want.

On the right side, you'll have various options to setup everything to fit your needs and your blog.

When done, this page will look something like this.

And here you go.

Your "About Me" page is done in just a few minutes. Simple. Cheap. And looks awesome.

Now, what I want you to do next?

I want you to actually implement what you've read. Nothing works until you do.

So, go grab your copy of Frontend Page Builder, and replace your old "About" page with this awesome looking one.

And if you know someone who could use this, send them this link, and help them. They'll appreciate it.


  • November 26, 2014

    This is just great, I created a profile on About and I can create something similar on WP…wow! Thank you very much. Besides, port klax jquery plugin to WP, it cool and nifty….


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