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How to Add Pins to the Images on Your Blog

Images on your blog tell a story. They support your story.

Images have the ability to get people’s attention. And to retain that attention.

And what if you could get more of their attention? What if you could share more content through your images? What if you could make people spend more time on your blog?

By adding pins to your images, you can do exactly that!

Whether you have a product and you want to point out the important features, or you want to create a map of local restaurants, or maybe to create something fun, you can do that with iMapper.

And to show you how to do this, we decided to make a step-by-step guide by using our own plugin. Just to see it in action.

And to see the steps, just click on the pins and follow the map below.

If you have some ideas how you can use iMapper on your blog, grab your copy NOW, and start making your images more engaging.

For the lazy ones who don’t want to click on the pins, here’s the regular tutorial.

Step 1: Add new mapper




Step 2: Name your mapper and choose an image




Step 3: Choose your pin




Step 3a: Add pin to the image




Step 3b: Choose a font and size




Step 3c: Edit image and responsive settings




Step 3d: Edit categories




Step 3e: Enter or edit content for your pin




Step 4: Click Save mapper and preview your work




Step 5: Include shortcode in your post/page




You see how easy it is to make, and how cool it looks?

If you like iMapper, click on the image below, and grab your copy NOW!




  • September 23, 2014

    Very helpful post for wordpress user. I am also a wordpress user your cool tutorial will help us so much to add pins to the images on our blog.. Thank you very much for writing this tutorial.

    • Shindiri Studio
      September 23, 2014

      Thank you, Sagor. We are trying our best to provide only the best content and products for you, and our other users.

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