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The #1 Reason Why 47% of Freelancers Don’t Have Clients, and #1 Thing You Can Do to Get Them

Did you know that, according to Freelancers Union survey, 47% of freelancers DON’T have enough clients (or have trouble finding them) to make significant and sustainable income?

Watch the video below and see what’s the #1 thing you can do to change that, and increase your chances to get more clients.

For all of you lazy bugs there, here’s the shorter version:

The #1 reason why people don’t hire most freelancers is because they don’t trust them.

Which makes sense.

You’re about to hire someone (and give him money) who you’ve never seen before.

And with all those scams online people hear all the time, of course they have trust issues.

But there is a way to significantly decrease the level of their skepticism, and increase the level of trust in you.

Show them testimonials from your previous clients!

Once you finish the project, and the client is satisfied, ask them to give you a testimonial.

For that, you can use Kevin Rogers‘s famous 60-Second Sales Formula:

  1. What’s their name (and their title/position/company)
  2. What problem they were looking to solve when they started to search for a freelancer
  3. How did they found about you
  4. What are the results they’ve got as a result of working with you
  5. Would they recommend you to other people

They can give you this in video, audio or text form.

Once you have this, put it on your portfolio website. (Check out Sierra WP Theme for this.)

And the next time you’re reaching out to a potential client (or he reaches out to you), send them a link to a page on your portfolio website where they can see testimonials.

This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get hired, but it will increase the chances dramatically.

So, here’s what you should do next

  1. Create a portfolio website (again, check out Sierra WP Theme for this).
  2. Reach out to your previous clients and ask to give you testimonial
  3. Let them write/record it in their own words, using the Kevin’s outline
  4. Put those testimonials on your portfolio website
  5. Next time you reach out to a potential client, send them a link to a testimonial page on your portfolio website

That’s it!

Now get to work!

Don’t wait. Do it now. And share this with your friends.

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