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Gastronomy is changing

Gastronomy is changing

November 23, 2020 @ 12:49 pm
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We live in a time where it is normal to do everyday tasks with your smartphone. Whether shopping, banking or social media – we have gotten used to it.

Our partner VISENDAhas made an interesting contribution to this. With their platform for digital QR Code menus, called, they steer the gastronomy in exactly this direction. Why is it not yet common practice to pay contactless in restaurants? is the answer.

With a great web app based on React, you want to help restaurants, bars and cafés with digitalization!

“Contemporary, customizable and user-friendly. A QR Code menu is the solution for a modern and effective restaurant!”

What are the advantages of an online menu?

By digitizing the menu and the ordering process, can reach its customers in completely new ways – for example, through individual recommendations, day passes, happy hours, and many other innovative approaches. Share your digital menu in social media and benefit from an unprecedented reach to your customers. The QR Code menu is also completely sustainable and hygienic. Best of all, you even save time and money!

Whether it’s a bar, café, hotel (room service) or restaurant – the principle is always the same. With a QR code, the menu is called up in no time at all. Afterward, guests can easily navigate through the clear and intuitively designed menu. The ordering process could not be easier!

Your customer is in the mood for a Pizza? No problem: Just enter “Pizza” into the search bar and all matching dishes will be displayed. This way your guests save up to 80% of the time needed for ordering – and you avoid long waiting times, ensure satisfied customers and relieve your staff!

What features does digitalization make possible?

By digitalizing the menu, it is possible to display an individual menu for each guest. With just a few clicks, guests can hide dishes with certain allergens. Thus, each guest is shown an individual menu according to preferences and intolerances. In addition, businesses can make real-time changes online. If the owner wants to make a price change or add new pictures, this is done with just a few clicks. Log in, change, done. The updated functions can be viewed directly under the existing QR Codes. In addition, the digital card can be used for all purposes. Via the individual link it can be easily integrated on the homepage or social media site. Thus, everything is centrally controlled via a dashboard.

Check out our demo at:

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