11 Essential WordPress Mistakes People Are Making

11 Essential WordPress Mistakes People Are Making

WordPress MistakerStarting with WordPress isn’t difficult. You don’t need two degrees to build your own website. Whether you are experienced or a newbie, you may be making some mistakes. Some of them can cost you traffic, nervous breakdown or defective website. We picked 11 essential WordPress mistakes people are making, so you’ll know what to pay attention to, and save your sanity.

1. Forgetting to back-up

This mistake could be the most serious one. Imagine you created awesome website that you are proud of. Filled with ton off useful content you spent hours, days, weeks, even months working on. And now you imagine you lost all your work in one moment. I freak out if I loose my few hours work just because I forgot to save my stuff and program is not answering. You see? It’s risky not to take care of backups. You do not need to do it manually. Just install some WordPress plugins which will back-up your stuff regularly and automatically.

2. Not using Google Analytics

Do you know where are your visitors came from? “From internet of course” is not satisfying answer. Did they find you in Google results or they clicked on your link you shared on social media? Google Analytics will give you all the answers you need.

3. Installing free themes from unreliable sources

One of the first things you do when you setup your WordPress website will be choosing the theme you’re gonna use. You can find trillions of free themes and you may choose one. Beware that free themes are not necessarily safe and you can get a little “malicious gift.”

When choosing right template, think about the source – is that company producing WordPress themes reliable? Is the theme compatible with my website and my whole idea? Is it customizable? Is there some service included? Is there a good customer support? We suggest you use some of our WordPress themes. All of them are responsive, retina ready, can be customized with drag-and-drop editor and with reliable customer service. Think about your website and about its purpose.

Check our themes and maybe you will find one which suits you. And about free stuff. Choose WordPress platform which is better for your website. People tend to mix WordPress.com and WordPress.org. While WordPress.com is for free, for WordPress.org you need to buy your domain name and pay hosting. So why is WordPress.org still better? You are free to do whatever you want with your website, you can choose commercial themes, you may customize stuff. It’s freedom that makes the difference.

4. Ignoring updates

Things are updated for a reason. Developers at WordPress are not bored, so they are creating useless updates. They want to make your experience the best possible and whenever they find bugs, there is new update. Stay up to date, so you can use all the possibilities WordPress offers you.

5. Not using proper permalink structure

What kind of information you get from URL full of numbers? You won’t get anything, so won’t visitor of your website and so won’t Google. Use permalinks and make it easier for everyone. Go to Setting >> Permalinks and choose post name or custom structure. Change Permalink Structure

6. Giving hackers opportunities

If you want to lower your chances to get hacked, create strong password. And for God’s sake, change name of your master account. No, “admin” is not cool anymore and it’s not safe. For password use combination of capitals, small letters, numbers, signs. If you are lacking creativity, try some password generator.

7. Using default favicon

It seems like a small detail, but it may make a difference. Favicon is a small icon located in browser’s address bar. It’s something like your identity card. You can change default one in images section of your theme.

8. Not being mobile

World is getting mobile. People are using smartphones for browsing internet more than in past years. It makes sense to make website mobile friendly. Are you wondering how? Just buy theme which is already responsive. This kind of websites look the same on any kind of device.

9. Using too much categories and tags

With WordPress you can categorize your content with tags. What is awesome. But people sometimes think that adding too much categories and too much tags can help their visitors to find what they want. Usually it makes more mess. Create less but useful categories and use appropriate tags.

10. Leaving spam comments on website

Allowing visitors to comment your blogs/articles/whatever is a must. But you can get many spam comments with links you may not appreciate on your website. Delete them!

11. Not learning

Learn! Information are getting old. If you want to have successful website, follow the newest trends and take the opportunities internet offers you. Let us know, if you found yourself in some of the bullets above. It’s easy to make mistake and it’s nothing wrong about that. Worse is not to learn from it and repeat it. Now you know about some crucial mistakes you can make in WordPress and what consequences it may have. Prevention is the best think you can do.

Do you have some more mistakes that people are making and should avoid? Share them in comments below. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

photo credit: Peregrino Will Reign via photopin cc

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