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Content Timeline is a WordPress Plugin that Makes Scrolling Through Your Content Easy, Beautiful and Elegant. And it’s Used by 3,725+ People


It’s a fact.  People who visit your blog will most likely read your most recent post.  Some of them may go through a page or two on your blog to read more content.

Very few will go through your older pages to read your older posts.

You can prevent that.  You can revive your older content, and make it easy to find.

That’s where Content Timeline WordPress plugin steps in.  Content Timeline enables you to display your content, all content or within a certain category, in a timeline mode.  This makes it lot easier for people to go through your blog, and find the piece of content they’re looking for.

This is a powerful and lightweight responsive WordPress plugin.  It is fully customizable, and easily implementable with any JS script, video, flash etc.

Well-structured code, and wide ranged API functions make it simple to get started and flexible for customization.

It comes with 12 premade templates, each better than the other.  You can check them right here.

And, as I mentioned earlier, plugin’s wide ranged API functions make it easy and flexible for customization.

Also, it’s very easy to get started with Content Timeline.  Easy as 1-2-3.

Step #1: Create New Timeline


After you install the plugin, click the Content Timeline link from your WordPress backend and click the “Add New” button.

This screen is also the default screen of the Content Timeline plugin.  Here you will find all your created timelines and shortcodes that they are generating.  You can later use these shortcodes to place a timeline to your webpage (Visual Composer, Frontend Builder, Default WordPress WYSIWYG editor …)

Step #2: Add Your Content


Click the “Add New Item / Category” button and you can choose to add a single post, an entire category or you can even create a new item from scratch.

Add New lets you create a blank card that you can modify within timeline settings

From Post gives you the option to search for any post on your website and publish it as a timeline card

Whole Category allows you to select an entire category and display it as cards.

Step #3: Choose Your Design


In the “Global Settings” on the right menu you can choose one of our pre-made styles by clicking the “Styles” dropdown menu.  All examples that you see here are present as styles.  Simply select the one that you like and you are good to go.

Name your timeline and click save.  In the main screen of the “Content Timeline” plugin you will receive a shortcode for your new timeline.  Simply paste the shortcode to your page and you are done.

See how easy it is?

And because of that simplicity, ease of use and functionalities of the plugin, Content Timeline is used by over 3,725 people.

And thanks to all those wonderful people (thank you), Content Timeline became one of the most popular WordPress plugins on Envato’s CodeCanyon marketplace.  And was featured by some major WordPress publications and blogs, like Elegant Themes blog, for example.

Just read some of the comments from few of our customers:


And because of all of this, I really think you should check out Content Timeline.

The price is just $19, which is a lot less than what this plugin can do.

Check out all Content Timeline demos here, and see for yourself if it’ll give you great value, as it did for over 3,725 people.

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