Progress Bar

Progress Bar element gives you a simple, yet very stylish chart element to use with your design. A simple discount sample or productivity chart can add nice detailing to your layout. Set how much and out of, the title and insert into content. These progress bars fill the full width of the page but if you insert them into columns you will get a smaller bar. When you insert a progress bar element the Shortcode Generator will create Shortcodes for it in your layout. You can also insert shortcodes yourself if you prefer it this way.

// Progress Bar Shortcode Examples

// [aa_progressbar howmuch="$number" outof="$number" title="$title]
// howmuch="$number", How much ?
// outof="$number", Out of ?
// title="$title", progress bar title

//This code will generate a progress bar with 80% of the value
[aa_progressbar howmuch="80" outof="100" title="Progress"]

Progress Bar Sample