Products Fancy List

The Products Fancy List element let’s you insert your WooCommerce Products. Choose category or show all and select the Ajax loading if you would prefer this kind of new entries retrival (Ajax means that visitor will not leave the current page while retriveing new posts). You can insert as many Products Fancy List elements into your content as you want. When you insert a products element the Shortcode Generator will create Shortcodes for it in your layout. You can also insert shortcodes yourself if you prefer it this way.

// Products Fancy List Shortcode Examples

// [aa_products rows="$number" category="$id" order="$order" pagination="yes" ajax="yes" values="DESC"]
// rows="$number", number of rows / values supported: 1+
// order="$order", order portfolio by / values supported: date, title, rand, author, comment_count
// category="$id", category ID / use -1 for all categories, or enter category ID for single category
// pagination="yes", show pagination / values supported: yes, no
// ajax="yes", ajax post loading / values supported: yes, no
// values="DESC", Ascendic posts or Descendic / values supported: ASC, DESC

//This code will generate a Products element in 2 rows from all categories without AJAX load
[aa_products rows="2" ajax="no"]

Products Fancy List Sample

All Products

All Products are listed.

Variable Glasses

Quisque mollis risus diam, vel tristique magna aliquet…


Army M062Br3 SNB Golden Green Sunglasses


Fancy M050Bu2 Blue Black Sunglasses


Summer P101Bk1 Black Sunglasses

Fa-bolus Collection

Black Fa-bolus Letter Sandals

Products Fancy List Sample #2

All Products

All Products are listed.

Note Bag

Nautical Zigzag Note Bag


Blue/Black Backpack


Liteforce Mid Khaki Sneakers

Products Fancy List Sample #3