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"This WooCommerce Plugin Makes it Easy for You to Show the Most Important Details, Features and Benefits of Your Product in the Most Elegant Way"


WooMapper v2.0

Map any image with your WooCommerce products

WooMapper is a simple and creative solution for presenting your WooCommerce products. This WordPress plugin is insanely customizable.

Packed with tons of options ranging from "Auto-complete product adding" to tons of CSS and functionality settings, WooMapper can be a handy tool for your customers.

We have prepared 8 different examples of how you can use WooMapper for your next clothing shop, food shop, furniture shop, office shop, consumer electronics shop, IT equipment shop, sport gear shop, gift shop, and more.

Check Out These Examples to See How WooMapper Works

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Clothing Example

These are the default settings for your WooMapper

Sport Gear

Example with different pins on the same image

Consumer Electronics

Every font in the plugin can be changed easily

Furniture Example

You can choose to display the featured image or not

IT Example

You can set colors for every pin individually

Office Supplies

Set individual colors for multiple pins on the image

Consumer Electronics

You can set custom dimensions for the quick view box

Food Example

Product details are taken directly from the WooCommerce product

Here's How to Add Pins to Your Products in Just 4 Clicks

It is really easy to create pins and to asign your WooCommerce products to them

Add Background Image

Create your new WooMapper, name it and add a background image to it. Set basic options like: Image layout, color and transparency.

Click to add a pin

Click anywhere on that image to add a pin to that specific spot and a panel with options for that pin will appear below the image.

Assign a product

Assign a product for that pin by typing the name of a product in "Woocommerce Product" field. Auto-complete will make it easier to find the product.

Customize your mapper

Play around with the options until you are satisfied withe the results. Then you can click on "Duplicate Pin" and insert more products. And you are good to go.

Here's What WooMapper Has to Offer to You

A rundown of features for WooMapper - Wordpress Plugin
  • Easy to use - Beginner friendly interface
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Engages the customer in your website
  • Interactive browsing through products
  • Perfect for home and product promo
  • Add as many pins as you want
  • Display multiple products on one image
  • Direct link to item page and add to cart
  • Insanely customizable
  • Add different pins on same image
  • Smart responsive design implemented
  • Award winning customer support