The New Content Timeline 4.4.5

Your favorite Timeline just got a whole lot better

Content Timeline is a universal timeline wordpress plugin that displays your wordpress posts in a form of a timeline.

Timeline Demos

The Demos!

Here are the examples of how Content Timeline can look like. These demos are also shipped with the plugin. You can choose any of the already existing demos, you can create your own from scratch or you can simply add on to already existing versions.


Boston Timeline


Montgomery Timeline


Springfield Timeline


Phoenix Timeline


Dover Timeline


Sacramento Timeline


Denver Timeline


Jackson Timeline


Atlanta Timeline

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Timeline


Nashville Timeline


Austin Timeline

Using Content Timeline

The Examples

There are many potential usages for Content Timeline. We have prepared a few cool examples of how you can use Timeline in your WordPress projects.

History Timeline Wordpress

Example 1: History

History of a company in a timeline is a classic. Content Timeline for WordPress offers you the possibility to add this feature to your website with ease. You will be able to create this functional and visually appealing element really fast. The timeline can be set ti display content by years and as such it is perfect for displaying company history. There are already a lot of websites that use History timeline and everyone looks different because of numerous design and styling options.

Example 2: Our Team

With a lot of options for editing functionality and design, Content Timeline for WordPress can be easily changed to display any content. In this example we are showing you how to use it for a team member setup. Add a bit of spark to your “Our Team” section with a sliding presentation of your crew.

Our Team Timeline

Getting Started

3 Steps to Set-up Your Timeline

Creating and publishing your content timeline is easy. There are 3 steps that you need to follow in order to present your timeline on your website.

Step 1: Create New Timeline

After you install the plugin, click the Content Timeline link from your WordPress backend and click the “Add New” button.

This screen is also the default screen of the Content Timeline plugin. Here you will find all your created timelines and shortcodes that they are generating. You can later use these shortcodes to place a timeline to your webpage (Visual Composer, Frontend Builder, Default WordPress WYSIWYG editor, …)

Step 2: Add Your Content

Click the “Add New Item / Category” button and you can choose to add a single post, an entire category or you can even create a new item from scratch.

Add New lets you create a blank card that you can modify within timeline settings
From Post gives you the option to search for any post on your website and publish it as a timeline card
Whole Category allows you to select an entire category and display it as cards

Step 3: Choose Your Design

In the “Global Settings” on the right menu you can choose one of our pre-made styles by clicking the “Styles” dropdown menu. All examples that you see here are present as styles. Simply select the one that you like and you are good to go.

Name your timeline and click save. In the main screen of the “Content Timeline” plugin you will receive a shortcode for your new timeline. Simply paste the shortcode to your page and you are done.

How do you like our Timeline so far?


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