The fastest rising page builder for Wordpress on the market

Check out what all the fuss is about

1. Create a blank page

Create and name a standard page from Wordpress backend and publish it.

2. Edit with F-Builder

Activate the Frontend Builder using the top-right tab and select "Edit Page".

3. Drag & Drop Elements

Start dragging your content on the page or load a page template and edit it.

4. Save your page

Save your work by saving your page or save it as a template for later use.

Build complete WP websites with Frontend Builder.

Professional looking interface of the frontend page builder lets you have full control over your website experience, web pages, elements and shortcodes.

Edit, re-arrange, drag, delete or clone elements live on the web page

Forget about coding. All you need is your browser.

Frontend Page Builder has UI controls for almost every HTML and CSS property

Control every single aspect of the web page and create the layout that you always wanted

  • Parallax, static or video backgroundsnAnimations for every shortcode on the pagenFour different responsive resolutionsnLoad and save pages through the templatenChange icons, colors, paddings and marginsnChoose fonts, sizes, line heights and font weightsnTons of bars and chart elementsnZoom in and out of the page for better previewnCustom CSS fields and ID fieldsnZero code interaction

See how your layout looks on other devices while you are building the web page.

Top bar offers tons of controls for your web page. You can zoom out to have a better view of the website.

Drag & drop elements on the page.

You can easily add new elements to coulumns and rows by simply clicking the "Add new element" from the empty row and it will bring up the screen below

Add more then 30 unique elements on the page either from sidebar or the pop-up window

Other Frontend Page Builder features

Just to name the few

3 Sets of icons

With Frontend Page Builder you also get 3 different sets of icons with huge amount of different varieties.

Row background options

You can choose the image, parallax, color, video or pattern as a background for your rows.

Shortcode and row controls on hover

When you are in the building page mode you can edit the shortcode, drag it, clone it or simply delete it.

Multiple shortcode groups

On the top-left side of the layout there is a menu that allows you to switch between shortcode groups.

Save and load pages

You can save pages that you have created with Frontend Page Builder and load them for future use.

Design for every device

You can change the resolution of your layout at any time while you design the page.

Websites that are created using Frontend Page Builder

You can see the list of some of the templates that are powered by Frontend Page Builder

There are already over 2000 users and dozens of templates
with Frontend Page Builder on Themeforest

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After using the online demo and then finally buying it and support this team. I can say they truly put their heart & soul into their work. If you have problems or need any type of help. They reply + super friendly! That's a HUGE plus! 5+ Stars
bigbankclubEnvato Member
I find This Author to provide ALL-AROUND-EXCELLENT support, response-time, updates, and they listen to those that have purchased their products and make changes accordingly.
Success_ShazamEnvato Member
Fantastic update to a great plugin! I've selected customer support as reason for rating, however feature availability and flexibility are right up there too +++
graffigEnvato Member
Thanks a lot ! They are very cool and kind ! If you have a problem, they can help you :)
JulienB75Envato Member
This is a must have to me. It makes working in Wordpress so much faster. By far the best WYSIWYG plugin I have used.
stevenwillisEnvato Member
A must have for any web developer! I would like to see Portfolios added to the list of shortcodes.
Ride123Envato Member