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Google optimization and web site optimization in the SEO world represent almost synonyms based on the specific role and absolute dominance of Google in accordance to other search engines. Also, they are the key phrases that every web design studio that offers search engine optimization services must consider seriously. Google web site optimization is directly connected with following Google webmaster guidelines and understanding how Google works regarding the results of the searches and the way it ranks web pages.

Google and other search engines have their own algorithm that represents a mathematical formula used by a search engine to value and rate web pages as well as to sort them out by importance based on a specific search. They also have highly developed technology, direct and simple user interface as well wide range of tools for searching that allows users to have easy access to all sorts of content on the internet.

When you search Google for a specific keyword or a phrase, unlike the other search engines where you will get less complex analysis of the search and therefore less precise, Google search technology involves a Page Rank System and Hypertext Matching Analysis that include several instant calculations of a very complex range without any human interaction. These calculations have structurally widened as Google and internet grew.

Page Rank represents the usage of algorithm that uses literally millions of changeable factors and terms. It determines the measure of significance of web pages calculated by solving the equation with over 500 million variables and over 3 million terms. Unlike other search engines, Google does not calculate links directly; instead it uses an extensive link structure as a tool for organizing. For example, if there is a link from page A that leads to page B Google understands that as a vote from page A for page B. Furthermore, Google calculates the significance of a certain web page through the number and quality of accepted votes. That way, the web pages that are significant and represent some sort of authority and trust deliver part of their value through the links onto the pages where those links lead. It is important to say that in this process the human factor is completely canceled.

With Hypertext Matching Analysis Google analyses text content on every page considering all factors: fonts, titles, subtitles, headlines and exact positions of all terms. The nearby surroundings of the web page is also analyzed through the concept of trust, significance, authority and matching of the content of the domain where the web page is placed. Constant usage of every single one of the factors related to the content on a single web page and its surroundings has, over the years, caused for Google’s search results to be the most precise answers for a given task and search queries.

Google has a very simple, 3 step procedure during the calculation of every given demand for a search in the search box.

1.    When a desired term is written in the search box and the “enter” key is pressed the web server sends out a query that reaches the servers index where the pages with the desired term are located.
2.    After that the search is forwarded to the doc servers where the documents are located and are additionally given the values from meta description tags or based on the content of the web page, Snippets are formed that describe every search result.
3.    SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages are returned to the user as a response to a desired search in a few tenths of a second.

Google updates its own index once a month thus recalculating page rank of every viewed web page. Because of the nature of page rank technology and massiveness of the index it takes a few days to do all necessary calculations. In that period of time the search results often vary, sometimes in a matter of minutes. The period of the update is called the Google Dance because of the search result variations and it can be often seen during the last week of every month.

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