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Web design project evaluation form

If you are interested in a web design service by Shindiri Studio you can fill out this form that will help us determine the price for your website. When filling out the form bear in mind that more data that you put in the form the easier the calculation of the price and deadline will be.
Your business:
Do you have a web site?
Your website address:
What traffic do You expect on a web site?
Low traffic with specific users
Avarage traffic with targeted audience
High traffic with all kinds of users

General data

Web design related data

Do You need connection between social network profiles and your website (Facebook, G+)?
What is the deadline for the web site?
2-3 weeks
3-4 weeks
more than 4 weeks
Choose the options that You want on Your website:

Website options

Do you want to maintain the website and its content by yourself?
Do You need any kind of media gallery (image, video, music) on Your website?
Do You need a forum on Your website?
Do You need an online catalog of products or services?
Do You need a contact form on Your website??
Do you want a multilingual website??
Do You want to have statistics of visitors on Your website?
Do You need any kind of additional text writing on Your website?

Reference websites

Type in a the addresses of website or websites that You like:
Website #1
Website #2
Website #3
Website #4

Budget for Your website

€450 - €800
€800 - €1500
€1500 - €2500
€2500 - €5000
More than €5000

Additional comment

If You have any questions about our services or You demand something that is not listed but is related to web design.
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As web designers and developers we all strive to be the best. But the bottom line is that you are only as good as your client list is.

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