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Web design & development

Websites in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Web Design Studio Shindiri Nis Serbia

Website is the most stable and cheapest solution for advertising your company, your headquarters or your business center. Depending on your business, website today is a must if you want to stay in the advertising game. Shindiri Studio design team offers a variety of website solutions depending on your business and your budget. Our website design portfolio consists of HTML/PHP/CSS and Adobe Flash websites. All our web design solutions have an implemented CMS (content management system) so that the owner of the website can easily change content without any previous knowledge of the web design process. The graphical aspect of web design plays a very important role in the design process. We tend to make eye-catching and stunning animations and images that will visually reflect your business on to your website. We carefully plan the link structure of a website so that the final user can easily find what he is looking for. Banner and link positions are carefully thought out so they don’t interfere with the main content of a website.

If you are interested in a web design service by Shindiri Studio you can fill out this form that will help us determine the price for your website. When filling out the form bear in mind that more data that you put in the form the easier the calculation of the price and deadline will be.

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Graphic design & illustrations

Graphic Design in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Graphic Design Studio Shindiri

Graphic design service is one of the most essential services in design Studio Shindiri portfolio. Over the course of only few years we have gone from small graphic design agency to advertising company with 11 employees in two offices.
Our graphic design services consist of:

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Logo design & trademark development

Lodo design in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Over the years we have designed lots of logos and trademarks, by doing that we have developed a successful recipe when interacting with a client. We tend to listen and pay close attention to the clients’ needs and wishes and we do our own research of the clients business. When we gather all the necessary information and provide the client with two solutions of the logo with thorough explanation of both. Then, if needed, with clients’ suggestion we modify the design to make it fit perfectly with the business it represents.

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Catalog design & prepress

Catalog design in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Catalog Design and prepress - Studio Shindiri Nis Serbia
In the service of graphic design, we find that the catalog design can be one of the most inspirational forms of advertising. The presentation of a company in a form of a catalog can deliver much useful information displayed on a very interesting and unique way. With clients’ pointers and explanation of the business we develop design solutions that in one hand represent the company at its best and on the other hand make the potential user more interested in the company. We always thrive to deliver cutting edge design while staying in the boundaries of corporative expression.

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Business card design

Business card design in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Business Card Design - Studio Shindiri - Niis Serbia
Everyone owns a business card these days, but the difference between a well thought out business card design and a name and office stamped on a piece of paper is enormous and can, sometimes be one of the key factors in advertising. A business card that will leave a mark in the clients’ memory is priceless and will make you look more serious.

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Stationary package design

Stationary design in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Business package design - Studio Shindiri - Nis Serbia
Stationary design usually consists of calendars, envelopes, memos, brochures, CDs, covers, posters etc. When we design these promo materials we tend to make a unique design and stick to it. Visual recognition is a key factor in leaving a positive influence on a client. We analyze the clients existing promo material and logo design and according to that we develop a unique design solution.

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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Search engine optimization - Studio Shindiri - Nis Serbia
Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most innovating services that Shindiri Studio provides. The SEO standards and strategies require day-to-day activity and constant innovation in the development process. When we provide the service of search engine optimization we first analyze the market and the competition and we set the goals for the entire SEO campaign. Then, according to clients’ wishes and budget we start with the optimization process. The entire process can take from 6 months (for less competitive keywords) up to 2 years (for more competitive keywords). In the meantime we tend to get the required positions on search engines and defend them with our innovative techniques.

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Video editing & production

Video editing in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Video editing - Studio Shindiri - Nis Serbia
Video production and editing is done in cooperation with Shindiri Studio and LoshPixel production. We direct and design the timeline of the video and LoshPixel does their magic to make it "alive". With this service we unite all aspects of design for the purposes of branding and total design.

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Branding campaigns in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Braiding campaign - Studio Shindiri - Nis Serbia
The branding process starts with the market research and basic concept of the visual identity and ends up with the totally unified form of all aspects of company activities that will be presented to future clients. We have developed our own branding strategy that functions perfectly in interaction with the client. When we develop the branding strategy we pay close attention to even the smallest of details.

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Printing service

Printing services in numbers - Studio Shindiri

Printing services - Studio Shindiri  Nis Serbia
Studio Shindiri in cooperation with Control P delivers high-end printing material for design solutions. The printing service of Control P printing house is exquisite and prompt. Control P follows all modern printing standards and accepts every printing job with care and professionalism.

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