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Shindiri Studio - About us

Web design studio Shindiri is a team of professional graphic and web designers, internet marketing and social media experts that over the long period of years have successfully been designing web presentations and building digital and printing advertising materials for successful companies and products. Our basic services include: web design, video editing, graphic design, SEO optimization of the web sites, SEM, vector graphics, site building, press and prepress, logo design, branding of the companies and products, industrial design as well as all of the other forms of advertising and web advertising through the implementation of tactical solutions based on long-term marketing strategy of the client.

Shindiri Web Design Studio is especially proud on the clients that have, over the years shown us great trust. We approach each and every client with respect, lots of understanding and patience and we do it in a professional way regardless of the size of the company or the type of services that they are interested in. We try to listen to our clients as much as possible in order to understand their ideas and implement them in a unique visual concept that will best represent our clients and our clients companies on the market.
The results of this professional approach are some of the major companies that have shown us their trust: James L. Williams, CrowwnBet, Oriflame, UNITED NATIONS, HPD, Red Bull, Ergomade, Green Line and many more.

Web design, site building or SEO optimization are the basics of digital advertising. Being one of the cheapest solutions regarding other forms of advertisement it can also be the main source of new potential clients. Web site represents just a part of total design concept and it is almost always the main pattern based on which other graphic and advertising applications will be developed (catalogs, flayers, commercials) that all together form a unique graphic entity and add-up to a better recognition of your company on the market based on a new visual identity.

As a design agency from Serbia we have gathered a team that is capable of stepping up to all challenges on the field of design, marketing and advertising. Our team consists of:

Web Design: Marjan Tošić - CV
Graphic Design: Nemanja Đokić - CV
SEO and Link Building: Ivan Dimitrijević - CV
Video Editing: Bratislav Jovanović - CV
Developer: Milan Đorđević - CV
Illustrator: Dragan Ignjatović - CV
PR: Predrag Milutinović - CV
Logistics: Ivan Milosavljević - CV
System Administrator: Ivan Đokić - CV

Featured Projects

>> Branding process - Fertico company
>> Web design - Green Line
>> Catalog design - Ergomade
>> Business card design - Feniks NLM
>> Logo design - Sound Control
>> Video editing - Polaris Media

Shindiri Clients

As web designers and developers we all strive to be the best. But the bottom line is that you are only as good as your client list is.

Tami ResidenceCentar Cad
James L. WilliamsDesibe
Green LineCrowwn Bet
G&T FruitsCargo Planet
Vulkan ADGoldys
OriflameFeniks NLM
Red BullZenski Prostor
House and Property DirectorateUnicef
Aleksandra DedicReformisticka stranka

MaplinNisville Jazz Festival