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7 Awesome Websites That You Can Make With EDGE Theme

It's Monday morning. You decided that this is the week you're finally going to finish your website. You don't know what have you waited so far, but hey. It's your website. You should know the best. But now, there is a problem. You need a WordPress theme. But not just any WordPress theme. You want it to be special. You want your new WordPress theme to be flexible enough so you could manipulate the way you want, yet you want to have as much as pre-built stuff so you don't spend to much time on modify it. And you start wandering across [...]

Want to WOW Your Users? Then Check Out These 6 Free UX/UI Design Courses

Are you thinking about being an UX designer and you do not have spare money for University classes? Internet is full of free or paid resources you can use to learn. We made research all around the web and found free online courses for UX designers, interesting blogs and freebies. Learn and start your career as a designer. Hack Design Hack Design offers you free lessons from the world best designers. In each of them, designers share articles, videos, slide decks, tutorials, simply everything what influenced them and helped them to understand design. 50 lessons will teach you everything you [...]

9 Very Important Online Success Tips You Need to Read

Who doesn’t want to be successful and have profitable business? I guess anyone building business and website does it with some purpose, right? Maybe you want to spread some information, share ideas or just sell your products. In any case, to reach the goals, your customers need to know about you first. Then they should get reason to engage with you and motivation to act as you wish for. But how to do it? Well, there is no shortcut and it requires a lot of work. We hope our online success tips will help you to boost your online presence. [...]

You Want to Be a Web Developer? Check Out These Free Web Development Courses

You can create professional website easily nowadays. All you need is domain name, hosting, WordPress account, nice template and with our drag and drop editor - Frontend Builder, you are master of your website with no need to know HTML. But do you want to know more and learn to code? You have plenty of free web development courses to attend, and we have listed 6 we considered to be the best. Codecademy Codecademy is a perfect source of coding knowledge for beginners. They offers online courses for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby. Huge advantage of Codecademy [...]

11 Essential WordPress Mistakes People Are Making

Starting with WordPress isn't difficult. You don't need two degrees to build your own website. Whether you are experienced or a newbie, you may be making some mistakes. Some of them can cost you traffic, nervous breakdown or defective website. We picked 11 essential WordPress mistakes people are making, so you'll know what to pay attention to, and save your sanity. 1. Forgetting to back-up This mistake could be the most serious one. Imagine you created awesome website that you are proud of. Filled with ton off useful content you spent hours, days, weeks, even months working on. And now you imagine…

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