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The Positive And Negative Sides of Designing Outside of Your Comfort Zone

by Shindiri Studio
October 16, 2013


When you’ve been designing for a few years, it’s easy to fall into patterns. You carve out your personal style and find your inner voice. You figure out what you’re good at.

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Digital art create more, consume less

by Shindiri Studio
September 28, 2013

The problem is, in the absence of these old markers of maturity, guys don’t know how to transition from boys to men. They may not find the marriage/kids/corporate job gig appealing, but they also aren’t keen on remaining a perpetual adolescent.

After doing the podcast on the “Modern Immaturity” a few months ago, and reading the comments left on that post, I got to thinking about this question: “What makes a man mature anyway?”

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The sound you want to hear now comes at low cost

by Shindiri Studio
September 28, 2013

Noise from outside the shell also can change the intensity of the sound you hear inside the shell. You can look at the shell as a resonating chamber. When sound from outside enters the shell, it bounces around, thus creating an audible noise. So, the louder the environment you are in, the louder the ocean-like sound will be. For more information check out the links on the next page.

Do you remember trying this as a kid — Holding one of the seashells you grabbed as a souvenir up to your ear? It seems like no matter how far away from the ocean you are, you can hear it.

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Microsoft meeting yields hints of ‘Rio’

by Shindiri Studio
September 28, 2013

Microsoft execs' pleas for silence and secrecy didn't stop attendees of the company's annual meeting from sharing tidbits about new products and technologies in the pipeline.

The annual Microsoft company meeting has served as a showcase for many teams at the company for their near-term wares. It’s open to all employees and Microsoft executives.

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