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How To Create A Vibrant Image Using Photoshop And Something Extra

by Shindiri Studio

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to add more energy and dynamism to a photo. The effects can be extended and used on a multitude of photos to create a feeling of motion and vibrancy.

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Mobile weather applications make rainy days fun

by Shindiri Studio
September 28, 2013

With Weather 3D Widget you can display weather near real time conditions for over 200 cities in a 3D earth environment. You can customize the widget with the widget options (width, height, maps, earth rotation, etc.).

Quick at-a-glance access to your custom weather radar on your iGoogle page or website. Standard and Enhanced Infrared, Radar-Satellite Combo, Water Vapor, and Visible radar images.

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Microsoft meeting yields hints of ‘Rio’

by Shindiri Studio
September 28, 2013

Microsoft execs' pleas for silence and secrecy didn't stop attendees of the company's annual meeting from sharing tidbits about new products and technologies in the pipeline.

The annual Microsoft company meeting has served as a showcase for many teams at the company for their near-term wares. It’s open to all employees and Microsoft executives.

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