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/ City / Bar Polski really is more than that

Bar Polski really is more than that

Bar Polski is a great place to discover Poland's finest vodkas, beers and other boozy treats in a fairly basic, laid back environment. Don't overlook the food, which is tasty and filling while providing good ballast for the scores of intriguing looking vodkas you won't be able to resist trying. Just avoid the potato-based 'Spudka' - I've heard it isn't the best.
Shindiri Studio on September 28, 2013 - 1:43 am in City

My work local – it’s an institution! The drinks are a bit overpriced, considering, but there’s something pretty charming about the place that keeps pulling us back.

Friendly staff, distinctive, rooster-themed decorations, heated shelter from the rain for the smokers. It may be in a dingy alleyway, but it’s *our* dingy alleyway. If you fancy sharing some nibbles, the fritter platter is always a winner, with some off-the-hook dips (my favourite is creme-fraiche that I think is infused with rosemary).

Aaaah, bar Polski. Many a night has been wasted here! The beauty of Bar Polski is in its convenient location, right around the corner from the office. People complain that we are essentially standing drinking in a sun-less, dodgy-smelling alleyway with bad beer but bar Polski really is more than that. Word of advice though – if you’ve had one Tyski too many, you probably won’t want to stare too hard at the wallpaper in the ladies.

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