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Web Design Studio Shindiri

Web Design Studio Shindiri - Design, Web Design, Advertising, SEO, Video Editing

Web design studio Shindiri from Serbia, as a part of the Shindiri Studio marketing agency, gathers a team of true enthusiasts and experts that follow the “total design” concept in web advertising. Our team that consists of graphic and web designers is also the team that follows all of the internet marketing and social media guidelines. While designing a web presentation, Shindiri Studio team develops a long-term branding strategy and gives you or your company graphical guidelines that you need to follow in order to maintain the unity of all of your design solutions. According to this, our web design team will create all of the necessary elements in order to develop a perfect, well designed, user-friendly web page. Furthermore, all of the design components, during the development of the web page, must unite in a complex graphical entity that will, undoubtedly make your web site more recognizable on the market based on an advanced visual identity and long-term marketing solutions.

Design Services

Shindiri Studio, since 2001 has been building up reputation as a company that does web design as well as digital and printing solutions. Our basic services consist of: web site design using “web 2.0” standard, video editing, redesign of existing templates, graphic design, SEO, SEM, vector graphics, pre-press, press, logo design, branding, industrial design as well as all of the other forms of classical internet advertising through the usage of concrete tactical solutions based on short-term and long-term marketing strategy of the clients.

Our advertising agency, and us as web designers, we all thrive to be the best, but in the end it all comes down to the client list and Google position. You are as good as your client list is.

Business Approach

Along with the everyday-better positions on the search engines for all web design-related terms, Shindiri Web Design Studio is especially proud on the clients that have, over the years shown us great trust. We approach each and every client with respect, lots of understanding and patience and we do it in a professional way regardless of the size of the company or the type of services that they are interested in. We try to listen to our clients as much as possible in order to understand their ideas and implement them in a unique visual concept that will best represent our clients and our clients companies on the market.

The result of this professional approach are some of the major companies that have shown us their trust: James L. Williams, CrowwnBet, Oriflame, UNITED NATIONS, HPD, Red Bull, Ergomade, Green Line and many more.


SEO Studio Shindiri - Design, Web Design, Advertising, SEO, Video Editing

SEO (search engine optimization) as a part of a more wide concept SEM (search engine marketing) is a set of wide variety of activities on the pages of a web site (on page optimization), as well as lots of other activities off the web pages of a web site (off page optimization) by which certain pages of a web site get better search engine results.

SEO Services

Web site optimization that Shindiri Studio does in, order to transform the content of your web site into a search engine friendly content, is a software and economic analysis of the keywords that are important for your business, a detail analysis of other web sites that are fighting for the position on Google, Yahoo or Bing, rearranging of the meta tags and headlines, optimization of the “left over content” including the basic SEO consulting and SEO copywriting as well as practical use of the advanced link building strategies for building link profiles of all the web pages.

Optimization, in coherence with the web 2.0 design concepts, furthermore means building and administrating profiles on all of the important social networks, preparation of the materials and development of channels on all video-sharing services, writing and administrating blogs, article and forum marketing, directory submission and delivering detailed reports about the search engine position changes based on the competition.


The best guarantee that our SEO and link building team is the perfect solution for your internet business is firmly based on our positions on search engines for all the terms that include SEO and web design. In the SEO terms we are neck and neck with the competition and we can do the same and better for your web site within the boundaries of your field of expertise. You would be surprised how many companies do not pay attention to this important process; you can use that to your advantage.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Studio Shindiri - Design, Web Design, Advertising, SEO, Video Editing

Graphic design and design of all of the advertising materials is one of the basic services of Shindiri Studio. A good graphic solution and exquisite printed material can benefit the entire process of branding of the company or a product. The implementation of a unified pattern for creating the advertising material adds-up to the entire visual identity of a company and helps to implement the visual recognition. This is the basic step towards a successful branding.

Total Design

During the design process of the advertising material or web site design, we in Shindiri Studio introduce a layout by which the entire promo material should be designed.  By carefully researching the market and the competition we tend to design the advertising material that will stand out and be more visible.

Considering that graphic design today is a very powerful tool for fighting on the targeted market, having in mind the increasing number of electronic media and the development of the internet, we can say that the definition of the graphic design has changed significantly and that it went from art to industrialized art because of the coherence of artistic and commercial. The synergy of two very different concepts is a successful combination that in the end leads to the final goal and that is profit on the targeted market.
Shindiri Studio and its graphic design section both cover the design of the entire marketing material and the implementation itself.

Design Services

-    Visual identity of the client: logo design and branding
-    Design of printing and promo materials: business cards, catalogs, brochures, posters, flayers
-    Marketing campaigns: commercials, video presentations, promo videos
-    Web presentations: from advertising banners to web sites…

Featured Projects

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Shindiri Clients

As web designers and developers we all strive to be the best. But the bottom line is that you are only as good as your client list is.

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James L. WilliamsDesibe
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